Wednesday, August 17

A SMILE. . A BLUSH . . . .

As much as i was retending to be oblivious to you . . . . . .

The mind was watching you in every other blink of eye . . . .

Monday, August 15


No versatile artist like a beautiful drizzle . .
To mesmerize minds with its shades so subtle ;
Poignant is it . .inspire to the core does it . .
Like the masterpiece of a painter so renowed . .
Like the tangled lines of a poet so gifted ;

A drop of rain can wet your eyes . .
A shower from the cloud can blossom your heart ,

Imbibing it to refresh my mind . .
The day starts so pure and fine ,
With the cool breeze waving my hair . .
Contemplative is the mood ; I ponder . .

Stuck in a twist so least enticing . .
The day moves on dragging and whining ;
Think ahead and the vision is clouded . .
Helpless in its hands . . least promising its clutch . .

The key to the misery is you and you alone ,
For look around . . You see signs of happiness . .
In the rain , in your fellowbeings ;
In each good deed you do for others . .
Never does god leave you high and dry ,
Sans a silver lining along the way ,

Look deep into the subtleties of life . .
A shade of smile unfailingly hides inside,
So wait . . pause this rush of yours . . So fierce ;
know . . There is still to feel along the path you tread . .

Thursday, August 4


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