Saturday, March 3

Uff ! These Books Get You Addicted Dont They ?!


                                I am addicted to this particular state of mind. To be a little more precise , i am in a state of trance - yes a feeling of pure bliss , rather pensive . The reason being my past few days i hustled back home to indulge myself in the leisures of the paradise my home is . But to find myself immersed in this whole aura of lightheadedness , i demand more . Nothing short of having finished easing down my mind , the last sentence of  a paperback . And this time around the last week saw me forcing myself to savour the much needed pleasure of grazing two books back to back -  " The Fountainhead " by Ayn Rand and " Another Chance " by Ahmed Faiyaz .

                        Wondering about my choice of books and the range i just disclosed to you implicitly ? Those of you who have read "The Fountainhead " must conjure how much of your mental energy the book demands draining you of your otherwise rotten concepts , nevertheless stacking your head up with brand new pragmatic ideas . I have just one word to utter regarding the book and that is ' Marvellous ' and the word speaks for itself . Perhaps for that sole reason, i wanted a book that would function as a breezer to let me relax on my couch with a cup of tea or a bar of chocolate with the story speeding past my eyes without much fuss in its part or much inquisitiveness from my part.

                      Well should admit the decision paid off well . I happened to finish the second book in just a matter of two hours . Though it appeared to be another cheesy romantic pick considering the first couple of chapters , to my relief the book started skewing to interesting paths then on . 

                    Getting a book on my hands and opening the first page is like welcoming a cold , refreshing downpour on a hot summer day . You yearn for more and more of it until your thirst is quenched . A book takes me up so much that i remain oblivious to the happenings of my home even if its my mother yelling at the top of her voice to relish on the hot steaming chicken dish she has prepared . Maybe that why i settle down with a book only when i can be sure of the fact that i have nothing more serious to be  done in another couple of hours or maybe for another day .

                         Let me come to what left me pensive this time around . As i mentioned about the books i have been reading you must have guessed it  by now that it should be concerning the books itself . Two nuggets i adsorbed from my book kept me pondering . I thought maybe i should jot them down as they promise to be path breaking in many regards . 

So here they go ;

1 ) " The Fountainhead " by Ayn Rand :      The one message which runs throughout the entire course of the book is ' Make your rules, stick to it . Never let anybody else take the decision for you . Want something to be done your way ? Go kick it . People will hover over you one day for being independent , because thats what most of them yearn to be , but fail to be letting themselves chained to the rules of the society ' .   Now can you blame me for having been taken up by this particular piece of  masterpiece this book promises to be ? 

2 ) " Another Chance " by  Ahmed Faiyaz :   Having said that this one is a drama packed with roller coaster ride of two young people trying hard to make their relationship work , you must have guessed what the moral of the story would be . But i happened to cut out a rather unique bit of cherry from this cake of a  novel and  that being - ' Do you have a desire or perhaps a wish which has been pricking you at the back of your head for long ? So long that it has almost become a part of you ?  Well its time you tackled the same head on ! That something is supposed to happen , for otherwise its rare the probabilities of this particular wish lingering consistently for this long.  I am not quite sure how many would agree , but then this chunk of  a thought does get your inner self lightened up , straightening things  a bit right ? 

                   There i am draining the thoughts which have been juggling inside my head for sometime now , left relieved and all pumped up . I see a hardcover with blue and golden shades trying its best to allure me for more adventure and that said i am signing off to satisfy my visual senses with " The Immortals " by  Amit Chaudhuri . Hopefully this one too should have lots to offer this self proclaimed bibliophile from the look of it :) 

Maliny   :)

Thursday, March 1

Prostitute ~ Haiku

                                I shed clothes sans thought
                        To hungry eyes in dim light - 
                            The night hates me.
                                                -  Maliny