Wednesday, March 9

In The Moments . .


   The spring never ends,
   In the land of smiles

   Show me one path to gloom ?
   I will show you hundreds to bloom !

   Whisper so did you close to my ears,
   Caress soft did you wiping my tears . .

   Give me wings; colour me zest . .
   You leave me smiling at my beautiful best !

   I know not destiny's route . .
   Nor how feelings churn out

   To bask in flames till the end ?
   To burn out to ashes in fate's hand ?

   But close my eyes; dream you near . .
   The fears drown; the doubts fade

   Need i fear ? need i doubt ?
   There is more to life than the ending, i know . .

    There is laughter, there are tears
    Moments to be etched in memories down the years . .

    To savour them the most you taught ;
    To relish them my best i learnt . .

    So here i am, loving you to bits this second ;
    For those bits complete my moments , i trust . .