Friday, April 15

The Speck Of You And I . . .

    The blink of that lovely moment
    When you smiled at me oh so soft . . .

    Things so passionate when shortlived and sweet ;
    Leave you lost , that you wonder all night . .

    Tossle it in my mind's depth do i ,
    In search of the loveliest speck of you and i . . .

    Dawns in me the truth each and every time ;
    That every other speck shines bright like rays of sun . .

    Jingling through my days vying with the sweetest chimes ;
    Drizzling through my moments like year's very first rain . .

    Waiting for those eyes am i right now . . 
    Holding close to my heart day in and day out .

    Searching for your charm am i tiring not . . 
    The dewdrop thats you in every twilight . . . 

Thursday, April 14

Thought Of The Day :)

                          Wonder why you end up getting hurt everytime  of the year ?

                          Ponder why you alone soak your pillows with tears night after night when your friends are sleeping sound in their beds ?

                         No . . its not because you are not worthy. .

                         And no... its definitely not because the Supreme power doesnt love you !

                        Want to know why ?

                        Its because you want more from life

                        Its because you expect good from life

                        But you know what ? . .

                        The happiness you enjoy when you clench your fist when you achieve the wins you yearn for more and more from life ...however shortlasting it is ....however minute it is . ... will definitely be worthier than the peace of mind your friends seem to enjoy sleeping sound and living safe without taking risks !

                        So......just be yourself dear :))  Take risks . . Be more . . Be your Best !! :))