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A Tribute To Time

Time - the one eternal phenomenon which can be undoubtedly stated as the lynchpin of human endeavours . . a bliss for jovial minds celebrating the pompous times of their life . . moreover a curse for the wretched hearts waiting eagerly for the seconds to tick away sooner . . quite undebatable the modes by which this wonder of a  factor rules the world !

I would take your thoughts to a particular scene where each breath matters.. the monitors beeping away the heart beats of a patient . .where each breath he inhales needs to be supplimented with oxygen . .when the curves of the  ECG disastrous enough slumps down to a flat line despite the diligent hands aiding him . . when the beats of his heart , the cells of his body obedient enough clutch onto the life support system , so miraculous enough that he opens his eyes to the moist eyes of his near and dear ones...Thus flows the story line of a patient in the intensive care unit . 

Ask a patient how much he values time and he wold reply with heaving heart " I would ask of God nothing but time . . to caress my care for my children . .one last time . . " . Ask a doctor the importance of time and he would put it like " Each second counts for a life threatening disease if diagnosed one minute earlier would bring about a profound change in the diagnosis.  Time is Life indeed ! "

Being a doctor myself i could not site a better illustration as to how precious time is !

Two hours . .120 minutes.  . Funny how lengthy it seems when highlighted for each one of us knows how pathbreaking even one second can be in this life packed with surprises, shocks, dejections and victories .Said so 2 hours would be unquestioningly eventful to say the least ! I wouldnt want to paint a fairy tale take on it dwelling on my fantasies , instead , i would don the cap of a pragmatic and deal with it keeping in mind that i could achieve those two extra hours and by extra hours i mean useful hours, by my own mettle.

If Achieved Two Extra Hours For A Single Day:

Given two extra hours , i would scribble down my thoughts, maybe a prose on my notebook . . i would browse through the unread pages of ' The shadow lines ' by Amitav Ghosh which is the one book i am reading at present. . i would plug my ears to 'What have you done ' by Within Temptation the one earworm i am hooked to now, snuggle onto my mother's lap, blabber to my brother who is working in mumbai, have a word or two with my father. . i would definitely keep aside a part of it to actually beat into my head the w ords of knowledge imprinted on the baffling pages for my P.G entrance examinations . An admirer of solitude, without a tad of doubt , knowingly or unknowingly , my thought lust mind would float into the comtemplation weave new dreams . to sink in the pain of unrequitted emotions...Ultimately to charge myself for the days to come. .

If i were in the hospital doing my internship, which i completed 2 wks back , i would have had a hard time coming up with even half of the aforesaid ,for extra hours come scarce where the days are bustling with duties,night covers and ward duties.Given two extra hours and chances are more that i would tend to the patients for you never know when the emergency call rings demanding your service ! However tortorous it seems , so much divine does it feel ! .

If Achieved Two Extra Hours Forever :

well the plans need to change or what ? !  Its almost 6 yrs past the day i managed to grope my driver's licence . . alas i havent been able to get my hands on a four wheeler since then ! Due to the safety concerns of my father and definitely not attributing to my driving skills :p . I would certainly love to use those two extra hours to brush my skills in driving. There is an old age home near the hospital i work in - St. Joseph's poor home . This is one place i have visited once for i believe in philanthrophy and the emotional balance it can grant for people in need. And so also i will make it a point that i visit that sanctum more or less every month to keep company with the members . Quite serene and poignant a company, this is one wish that otherwise goes unfulfilled every month due to many facts. 

Oh and there is this one teeny weeny add on to my bucket list - guess what ? yes being born as a piscean , a water sign , wouldnt it be an injustice on my part not to conquer the water kingdom ? yes you guessed it right. I would lend pretty much a good time to tackle the swimming lessons. Arent dreams seamless ! But then these are things i would have grazed my life with no matter what ; yet two extra hours should grant me grace time to weave more and more of passions of such sort isnt ?  :) True to the meaning of my blog CHASING PASSIONS i would relentessly chase my passions not to forget ,keeping my mind open to new ones alongside.

Now the big question is how to gain those extra two hours ?

1. Cleaning up the mess my lab coat manages to accumulate at the end of the day swallows almost a whole one hour of my day ! Grateful to my friend who keeps track of the latest products in the market which can be fabulous and life changing ! I was introduced to SURF EXCEL MATIC  - The one product which promises to remove the stains while the clothes are drenched in the washing machine itself . Isnt that awesome ? And one hour it does add to my useful hours of the day !

2. Set your alarm half an hour prior to your usual wake up time. more often than not it ends up you changing your wake up time half hour prior for the days to come ;)

3. Try to concentrate on what you do . Play  while you play . Work while you work . Make that your motto . You will surprised to see how much time you end up saving in a day !

Time is the worthies treasure to hold close to. Each second matters. In this hustle - bustle , in this world where breakneck competition reigns you its imminent that you find your niche . Yes its better said than done ! But lets not forget that its not  all thats there ! Humanity matters, compassion matters, tending to our inner self matters, lending a helping hand matters.

And that is the message i want to convey across to my readers through this post - TIME IS INDEED LIFE !  BE MORE OR ATLEAST TRY YOUR BEST TO BE MORE EACH SECOND YOU LIVE ! your your your attitude towards your behaviour to your fellow beings . If each and every one of us encourage such a thought imagine how much progressive this world would become . . how much creative and innovative each of our minds would become. . so lets join together to carve out a better world, one that is healthy, productive, creative and colourful with those two extra hours a day :) 

A moment to slip into a thought . . . 
Forever to sink in its ashes . . . 

Yet, i would ask for time and more of it . . . 
To bask in the morning rays. . . 
To drench in the untimely rain . . .

For you are insatiable, my life . . . 
And yes, i am hooked to you , no matter what ! 

The two hours i took to jot this down and to submit this entry in the SURF EXCEL MATIC contest by Indiblogger couldnt be worthier if atleast one mind out there was inspired to BE MORE each second that comes his/ her way . . . .

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  1. Supercool post. As a Rotarian, I exactly understand. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  2. Wonderfully written, Maliny.
    So do all pisceans feel the same! Coz even I have been dreaming to get my hands on a Driver's License and becoming 'swim-able':)!!!

  3. @ magic eye : thanx a lot for going through my blog :)

  4. @ varun : good to know u share similar drives being a rotarian . . appreciate a lot u stopping by to read my blog :)

    @ ashish : thank u :)

  5. @ deepazartz : are u a keralite ma'm ? grateful to u tons for gracing my blog . . double smiles to have come across a fellow piscean here :) :) . . kinda obsessed with my sun sign and i can say that we form quite a passionate group and so also it shouldnt come as a surprise if we try our hands on almost anything n everything. . . . and btw i am passionate abt travelling as well . . cheers for the colliding talents ;)

  6. I found this post's link in the surf excel competition page, and despite the fact that i'm a competitor, i love it :D
    I've always wanted to be a doctor, but i couldnt handle twelfth standard biology, so good thing i decided against it eh? :P

    ps, could you take a few minutes to read my submission? i'd be mighty grateful :)

  7. oh thanx a ton :) n yes if u cudnt handle biology it seems u tuk d best decision ignoring ur desire to b a doctor , leaving that its damn rocking a profession ( in ur words ;) ) . . i am a fan of rock music as well . .see that we share same interests there :)

    read ur blog. . read the post . . shud say, still in its grip :)

  8. NIcely written Maliny...All the best for the contest :)

  9. time can heal! good to hear from a doctor! all the best for the contest:-)

  10. hey nicely written :) More inspiring than my own :D !!
    I have a friend who is going to be a doctor and the whole post reminds me of him. Doctors can be sensitive too, a writer doctor, what a combi :P
    Good Luck!!

    P.S. Loved the last lines and yeah this one too - " Time is Life indeed"

  11. thank u angel for those heart warming words ! :)

  12. Beautiful and gripping words. Yes the value of time is better understood by a doc (though am not one)..This certainly deserves to be on the topI just loved it..Good luck
    Here is my take on the subjet-
    Pls see if you would like it

  13. oh! being a medical student myself I know how much energy and time it takes to get those stains removed from d lab coat. quite a task indeed :P

    A well knit post..good luck to u :)


  14. Hi Maliny,
    You have written this post so well. Loved reading it... Being a doctor, time must be paramount for you..
    All the best:)

  15. Hi Maliny,
    Congratulations on a post well written...
    I can understand how much 2 hours in your day can mean to you...


  16. zradar : thanx a lot for showering ur precious comment :) did go through your post on the same and should say i found it gripping as well . . you sure deserve to win ! all the best :)

  17. subtle subsciber : thanx a lot :) ur comment meant a lot to me !

  18. DS : grateful to u for stopping by my post . . went thru ur post ..found it really catchy ..had expressed my opinion regarding the post there . . good luck for the contest :)

  19. Being a cancer survivor I know how early detection saves life. You have inspired me and many others with your perspective. Congrats!

  20. Maliny , your poems are indeed a delight , I simply loved them!

  21. very well penned, Time is precious, but left wasted by many.
    excellent pictorials.

  22. thanks a lo t for stopping be farila ma'm

  23. specs buffy : had gone through urblog..impressive :) thanks a ton for ur comment :)

  24. @ pramod : appreciate that u paused to view ur opinion sir . . loved ur post as well..all the best for the contest :)

  25. Nice line of thought !!

    so ... has the alarm been set to half an hour early :)

    is it working ?

    (i have tried the waking up early thing ... never really worked for me ... :)

  26. its vacation time for me..hardly two weeks. . so kind of freeing myself of all stringent rules for the time being ;)


  28. omg! it is actually eery that u n i think so much alike.. pls check out


    u'l knw what i mean..

    I FEEL the same way bout time!

    the most precious gift ever!

  29. mr .jovita : thanx a lot...did check ur you were right..all the best for the contest :)

  30. interesting read. all the best for competition

  31. thanx amar for pausing to share your opinion :) . .


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