Friday, November 30

Silent fights

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                            Akshara closed her eyes before taking a deep breath in . The tantalising freshness of the early morning air revived her senses . She , with utmost dedication , continued with her Pranayama even though the chilling arms of the breeze was bruising her delicate skin . 

                         Opening her eyes , she gazed at the supple stretch of green land which lay ahead of her . It has been a month now since she has been following this routine . Never a moment did she find it a tad bit monotonous . The atmosphere was amazingly silent ; not a pitch higher could be heard anywhere . Yet, in that solitude she found herself conversing with her inner self the most . She was feeling better ,which was something she hasnt felt for a long time now . Yes , Silence is a great healer . 

                     " Now you may retreat back to your room and take a bath . Breakfast will be ready in half an hour . Will meet you all downstairs . After which you would join for your physical rehabilitation session with Dr . Ankita . " The Yoga instructor conveyed in his usual mellow tone. 

                     Akshara pulled herself up with much difficulty . The Yoga instructor walked to her . 

                   " How are you doing Akshara ? I see that there has a major improvement on your health over the past one month . I am happy to see that that you have been able to get accustomed to the process of  treatment we uphold . Many wither out in a day or two .  "

                  " There is little for me to take credit of Sir . It has been one month and i am yet to digest the amount of  peace and refreshment that a serene place like this offer . More than the rehabilitation process , the yoga sessions, the hours of solitude and the silent whispers i share with  nature is working to lift me up for the better . I couldnt be any more grateful to Dr . vishal for referring me to this centre . "

                 " Good to hear that dear . Relax for a bit now . We will start the next session after breakfast ". 

                  Akshara strolled back slowly to her room . As usual , her fingers grazed the flowers that stood garnering the window sills on the corridor . She leaned forward to kiss a rose bud which was starting to blossom . This was her most favourite place of the whole institution . There is something lively about the way the flower blooms . She harked back those days when she , along with her father, would  go on teasing her Ma for toiling for hours in their garden. 

               She would utter seemingly confused , " Ma, arent flowers lifeless ? Why bother taking care of them when you could cook me one of those sweet dishes of your's ?. I am hungry ! ". To which her mother would reply patiently , " Nature heals the best Aksha . I wont blame you for speaking nonsensical . The fault lies in the virtual world the present generation sinks in " . Her father would sprinkle more oil into the flame with his usual remark , " Aksha , it seems that your Ma loves you a tad bit lesser than those Orchids " . She would put up a scorn while her father pretended to suppress his bout of chuckle . 

                How their silly fights would go on and on . 

               Now , ten years down the lane , she herself was the mother of a one year old . A single mother .

              Somehow the bitter memories of the past year came flooding just at the thought of her family . That unfortunate day she lost her husband on their journey to Manu's wedding , the shattering moment she woke up from her deep slumber to realise that her life has changed for the worst , the struggles of her mind to adjust to the truth that she couldnot feel her baby's skin against her fingers , the nights she lay crying in muffled screams when the memories of her husband, once the best part of her life now transformed into nightmares . 

                 The past one month felt like a fresh life to her . She was slowly gaining back the sense of her fingers, though the rehabilitation sessions were tough  . Her hand would ache, like a million pins were being drilled through her skin . Yet she found color and joy here .  More than that she was learning to come to terms with the fact that her Kiran is never ever going to wake her up with a kiss every morning . 

                 Fumbling with the door knob for a while , she walked into her room . She looked with longiness at the beautiful face smiling at her from the photograph .  Amidst all these , there was one thing that kept her going , pushing her forward fighting all hurdles and heartaches .

                Her baby . For her , she needs to be back , she knew . 

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Bound By Duty - My Entry For The Get Published Contest


Naina , 27 years,  quite an ambitious doctor who is currently pursuing her first year of post graduation in General Surgery . The story progresses through her life , her concepts and the whirl pool of tangles she is drowning in . Being a doctor at the prime age of her life is one of the best accomplishments one could dream of .  Yet, there was something more she was bound to do as a human being . To get married . The inevitable duty of a girl past 20 yrs, according to the society . How does Abhay fit into the whole scenario. Is he her fiancĂ©e ? Her lover ? . The essence of the story isn’t complete without him . Yes ,  ‘ Bound By Duty ‘ is a love story which is woven with the intricacies of present day world told through the life of  the main protagonist Naina . While the subtleties of the life of a medical student comes to life in the pages of this story , Abhay comes in and out of the storyline to end up playing  a major part towards the second half .


I believe fiction takes origin from real life . Imagination can run wild , but still the basic essence of any work of fiction is life as we see before us . In that context , this story is adapted from the life of  a young female doctor who is struggling with a choice of marriage when there was chunks of things still left for her to gain from the institution of medical studies .


She prayed , “ God , let it not be any RTA ( Road Traffic Accident ) case “ .

 Just as she was hurrying to the casualty room , a rather aggressive mob welcomed her. Before she could take charge of the situation , Akshay , her unit House surgeon called out to her .

“ Naina madam , that is not our case .  It seems that the patient is a local political personality or something . A case of MI ( Myocardiac Infarction ) . They carried him to our casualty unknowingly . I have guided them back to the Medicine casualty “.  

“ Sorry for having disturbed your sleep if you could manage any “ . He added sheepishly.

Naina smiled . “ No problem, Akash “ .

Naina checked her watch and was relieved to notice that it was already half past six . Just enough time to rush to her room , change her soiled clothes and return to the ward for her morning pre rounds at 7 . She grabbed her stethoscope from the table and was about to leave when her eyes fell on a familiar figure waiting outide the medical ICU , a sullen expression on his face . Wasn’t that Abhay ? . She stopped on her track .


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Thursday, November 29

My Festive Chic Look

                               Fashion is all about style these days . To stand apart in the crowd you need to have that extra edge to your sense of fashion , nonetheless compromising your comfortability quotient . With a bunch of foreigh exchange students renting the house in our neighbourhood ,i decided to celebrate this Diwali with them . Though its a perfect scenario to show them how the desi style goes , i  decided to come up with something different . Moreover all the girls in the neighbourhood would be drapping sarees and cholis , which leaves no space for any worries regarding them missing out on the cultural splendour . Surfing SHOPPERS STOP my favourite online shopping niche , i came up with an ensemble which purely blends indo-western styles of fashion . Let me show you . 

The outfit : 

         Pairing up a sleeveless Insense party wear top with a desi patiala pants seemed out of the world for my mother, but not for me :p . Here check it out


 Now coming to the accessories .


                             With gold being very much in demand and very much in style , i decided to go bling to be in sync with all the glittering around , but in a very modest manner . Check this out 






                                I always prefer high heels to adorn my feet during important functions . Thanks to SHOPPERS STOP , I managed to find out the perfect fit to my gold ensemble . 

                                           Having decided to have the beige scarf draped around my neck,i decided to give necklace a miss . Also for the same reason i thought of decorating my ears with a stud rather than going for dangling ones . 


Would you believe if i say that my mom was the first person to look at me in awe once i stepped out of my room . Absolutely not because of the gaudiness, which was almost nil, but because of the way i managed to dress up mysef absolutely stylish in a matter of half an hour . With my hair put up in a high pony tail with the gold bow sliders on i was looking every bit a fashionista . The fact that i could carry myself around with ease particularly with all the fireworks going up nearby came as an extra boon . My foreign friends were going all gaga over my indo western chic look too . One of them even stated that she was going to walk the ramp donning a similar attire for their foreign exchange students' retreat once they get back . And at the end of the day i was all beaming with joy , brighter than the firworks . Thanks to  SHOPPERS STOP

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