Wednesday, July 28

Gaining hearts - the virtual way !

                                 Well this happens to be my 25th note on FB and i'm not quite sure if this is gonna deal with anything extra special. what better way to celebrate the event than to pen down something about the networking sites itself ! somehow i want to keep it crisp and brief this time. oh yeah the pros and cons of the booming networking sites and the breakneck speed by which they seem to take over our lives are pretty much a debate everywhere ! but lemme get down to what i have been wanting to say about the same. infact a few of my updates happened to go up on my page based on the similar topic.

                                 have you come to notice how light it seems to create an impression pretty much ' above average ' on people now a days ? thanks to the virtual world ! on the other hand do you think its any easy to gain a wild card entry to peoples hearts let alone create a not so bad impression on them when the matter comes to dealing people one on one ? i dont wanna emphasise on the word ' impression ' for you would say ' its not for creating an impression on others that we harbour this world ! and i dont intend to generalise things but to view it from an angle which doesnt seem improbable.
                                  very rarely do i find people putting up updates which broadcast the not - so - attractive face of them. infact i dont find them at all ! ( that includes me ! ) afterall whats the big need for that right considering the least probability of gaining a ' LIKE' for the same in addition to leaving a shade all black on the minds of people ! though not doing that doesnt imply you are any less good either. but you can never be sure. i feel its tough a job to judge people by how they portray themselves on these sites. especially social sites where you get to have a whole lot of people getting to know you in a click . you happen to be on their fingertips if i put it literally ! i've been irritated many a times having to be a spectator to people throwing off oh - so - charming attitudes when they arent anywhere near to the same . yeah i very much agree its quite a platform for people to display their talents and we appreciate it too. but sometimes it turns out to be a niche for ostentatious people to show off ' who they wannabe ' . yea maybe this comes only to a minority. but the fact is that this is not something which isnt happening. 
                               guess its like ' the first impression and the impressions to come ' are always  the best out here ! but lets not forget that , sans doubt ,there is always a long way to go before you actually come to terms with what people are for real .

Sunday, July 25

Smoke N Fire !

                                        Pretty sure that  many would agree with this age old idiom that  ' Not always the first impression or for that matter someone's job defines who the person is ' . Infact , sometimes your job entirely camouflages who your are inside. its without  doubt impossible to predict a person from the position he keeps or by the smartness he/she throws off . i came to stumble upon this revelation a few months back. yea its true we nod our heads in agreement when someone says not to  judge people by their looks. but i should say its when you came across some incidence that solidifies the validity of such statements in your mind that your mind opens up to the same for real...without a tad of doubt.

                                       For  example ( no offence intended ), just because one wields the magical tool of a stethescope that can heal millions, should it come for granted that he is devoid of all sin let alone being a philanthropist ? likewise just because someone seems grumpy in one circumstance , it simply doesnt mean that he should be written off as some villain ! for circumstances do have a huge impact on our minds and we come up with the weirdest of things at times .. rather to your shock !

                                     of course if i sit down and evaluate myself i can give some 90 % for the way i am to others . so do you ! for we never realize there might be times when the slips of our tongue created fury or even heartaches to the ones at the receiving end.  but i do want to say that when i sit down to evaluate others, i do that by taking into account how they are to me. but i must say many a times i have been carried away by the general notion others have about some person. and its stunting to know how a few words can make or break a person in the minds of others in a blink ! but if you think deep..they are just meaningless.. unless and until you happened to have a bitter experience from the person in the scene. otherwise its just foolishness to read a person through the minds of others ! plus it can end up pathetically erroneous if you approach someone with a prejudiced outline ..thanks to those around you and their innumerable judgement and reasons !

                                    some are of the opinion that -  there certainly cannot be smoke without a fire right ! well is it wise to follow this rule blindly ? nonetheless its not the least faulty  to doubt a fire when you see a smoke also right !  take this for instance . .its improbable on our part sometimes to doubt that someone would talk behind our back esp after having had seemingly the most beautiful conversation in your entire life ! 


                                      Experiences happened to stuff some maturity into my head knowingly or unknowingly that these days i have learnt to anticipate a fire from anyone i come across ! except for a few whom i trust to the core. and anytime anyone can be a part of this trusted circle. just that my discretion weighs tons more than the yapping or rather the cheesy opinions i receive from others into making that decision. it can also turn up that someone who did something pretty destructive to you , during the course of time gets back to being not your enemy a second time. there can be a reason for the same too or its just the trick of time. would you trust that person a second time ? i would if there was a good reason for the havoc that happened. But then its just too complicated to generalise such vagaries life thrusts upon us . lets leave it for its way too complicated to be discussed in simple words.

                                      In short i am  Not quite sure how many would go with this - but in my 'opinion' ( exclusively for my mind :P ) :

                                                  Opinions can be deceiving at times . Take a person by how they are to you. For by doing that we stand a lesser ( in quotes ) chance of losing someone precious or on the contrary even getting wounded along the way  .

Scared To Lose !

        As they say . . As every contemplative mind agrees . . " Anything that doesnt kill you makes you stronger " . One of the most meaningful quotes . . i would agree . Hands down.

             But at times i feel yet another side of the dark experiences which leave you in tatters. Once you have been through a depressing course of your life, knowingly or unknowingly you get scared when smiles return to your life. For You happened to lose it once. And you alone could guage the depth it affected you. The emptiness you found yourself sinking in. .

            And i guess everyone holds something or the other close to their heart . We all have precious people in our life without whom we would feel stranded. We all have certain things  which we carry with us threaded with a ' Its Mine ' tag .

 Keep them locked inside your world . Never let anything shatter  the smiles those grant which ultimately makes your day . . Rather days . .

 Never Take those blessings for granted . . 

              Its in all ways better to relish happiness as long as it stays colouring your moments .
 And may be getting scared is not that bad after all ! Infact,   

" Its nice to get scared at times . . For it shows you still have something to lose ! " :)  

P.S : The last quote was actually a status update of my friend's . . One which i had Liked a while back :)

Thursday, July 8


                             I know i shouldnt be doing this when the Big Fat Scary exam of the lot is blaring strong around the corner. but sometimes  the thoughts running aimlessly through my mind help me in no way but to create a pandemonium ! for what starts as a pure ray in my mind starts slipping through the slits of silliness etched in some corners of my head . and what remains is merely the havoc it set off. but now when i write  this down i just need the first bit of ray to guide me...and i just want its brightness to complete me.
                              Friends - such an ubiquitous relation , that it has almost lost its depth over the centuries. how many people do you gain in all the years of your life whom you can call your bestfriend ?
                              i had one dear person as my best friend a few years back. but years separated us. reason being as silly and simple as lack of readiness on our part to hold onto  each other. or may be as i had put up as my status today... ' the most important factor which decides the sustainment of any relation is the readiness of the minds to keep trying..though it happens only if the same is meant to be sustained '.
                                But i feel if you miss someone who used to be with you each day bringing smiles on your face by their simplest of talks, who never failed to shine bright for you even in the darkest hours of your life, who pulled you out of the deepest holes of your mind..some one with wom you can share the silliest of yapping even in the oddest of the hours.then a relation as beautiful as that never deserves to be broken..

                              There can possibly be no one who would read through you to its deepest core as your bestfriend. and there can possibly be no one who would stay by you even after seeing through the least beautiful spaces of your mind . and there can possibly be no one who would keep trying to keep you precious so that you wouldnt feel any less special. and there can possibly be no one who would never lose hope even when they find you lost in the way...for its they who would walk with you all the way back trying to help you find everything you had lost.

                            And lucky are those who are destined to be sharing their life with their bestfriend..lucky are those who have some one whom they can call their bestest buddy forever and lucky are those who are blessed with a bestfriend they never had, in the person whom they are destined to be with....

P.S :  TO YOU :)