Sunday, July 25

Scared To Lose !

        As they say . . As every contemplative mind agrees . . " Anything that doesnt kill you makes you stronger " . One of the most meaningful quotes . . i would agree . Hands down.

             But at times i feel yet another side of the dark experiences which leave you in tatters. Once you have been through a depressing course of your life, knowingly or unknowingly you get scared when smiles return to your life. For You happened to lose it once. And you alone could guage the depth it affected you. The emptiness you found yourself sinking in. .

            And i guess everyone holds something or the other close to their heart . We all have precious people in our life without whom we would feel stranded. We all have certain things  which we carry with us threaded with a ' Its Mine ' tag .

 Keep them locked inside your world . Never let anything shatter  the smiles those grant which ultimately makes your day . . Rather days . .

 Never Take those blessings for granted . . 

              Its in all ways better to relish happiness as long as it stays colouring your moments .
 And may be getting scared is not that bad after all ! Infact,   

" Its nice to get scared at times . . For it shows you still have something to lose ! " :)  

P.S : The last quote was actually a status update of my friend's . . One which i had Liked a while back :)


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