Wednesday, July 28

Gaining hearts - the virtual way !

                                 Well this happens to be my 25th note on FB and i'm not quite sure if this is gonna deal with anything extra special. what better way to celebrate the event than to pen down something about the networking sites itself ! somehow i want to keep it crisp and brief this time. oh yeah the pros and cons of the booming networking sites and the breakneck speed by which they seem to take over our lives are pretty much a debate everywhere ! but lemme get down to what i have been wanting to say about the same. infact a few of my updates happened to go up on my page based on the similar topic.

                                 have you come to notice how light it seems to create an impression pretty much ' above average ' on people now a days ? thanks to the virtual world ! on the other hand do you think its any easy to gain a wild card entry to peoples hearts let alone create a not so bad impression on them when the matter comes to dealing people one on one ? i dont wanna emphasise on the word ' impression ' for you would say ' its not for creating an impression on others that we harbour this world ! and i dont intend to generalise things but to view it from an angle which doesnt seem improbable.
                                  very rarely do i find people putting up updates which broadcast the not - so - attractive face of them. infact i dont find them at all ! ( that includes me ! ) afterall whats the big need for that right considering the least probability of gaining a ' LIKE' for the same in addition to leaving a shade all black on the minds of people ! though not doing that doesnt imply you are any less good either. but you can never be sure. i feel its tough a job to judge people by how they portray themselves on these sites. especially social sites where you get to have a whole lot of people getting to know you in a click . you happen to be on their fingertips if i put it literally ! i've been irritated many a times having to be a spectator to people throwing off oh - so - charming attitudes when they arent anywhere near to the same . yeah i very much agree its quite a platform for people to display their talents and we appreciate it too. but sometimes it turns out to be a niche for ostentatious people to show off ' who they wannabe ' . yea maybe this comes only to a minority. but the fact is that this is not something which isnt happening. 
                               guess its like ' the first impression and the impressions to come ' are always  the best out here ! but lets not forget that , sans doubt ,there is always a long way to go before you actually come to terms with what people are for real .

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  1. hi just started following your blog the other day.your topic on each post is very interesting ,the topics everybody knows but nobody writes!!what u said in this post is absolutely right.nobody wants to sell his /her bad things!! atleast through so called social networking sites!Afterall "nothing is like what it seems".hope u will agree with that!!


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