Sunday, August 1

Attitude Huh :D !!


                                                  The question is familiar - Is there anyone out there whose days ( sometime or the other ) dont seem to be darkened by the brunt of something awful from the past . Well, ofcourse it depends on how ' kick-ass ' the trouble you landed in was ! Most would say yes . Sometimes we find ourselves wondering how silly its on our part to carry the hell with us  when time is supposed to heal even the deepest of the wounds. But then some scars hurt and they hurt a lot. 

                                              Many amongst  would be having a face ( read notorious one ) hidden in the corners of our minds who brings more or less the picture of a demon well . . Carrying a mighty Screw in their hands !! How we wish we could just go around kicking those dumb asses and just get away with it in the real world ! I wouldnt mind being a Charlie's Angel myself ! If only it was as easy as i put it .

                                               Amidst fallacies and false accusations we tread, some succumb, a few remain stone faced. As i said earlier pretty much weighs on the devil we are talking about here as well as the kinda person we are. Its no surprise we fail miserably to wrench free from something as torturing as this even when our minds shouldnt be enjoying it the least ! But we move on...these surface a second time . . We move on. . A third time. . We move on . . Umpteen number of times . . We move on. 

                                         For its not in your hands sometimes to control things . Its not in your hands to rein over people's thoughts . But its definitely in our hands to pull out the nerves to show them that you dont care . And its definitely in our limits to show them how happy , how unshaken you are after all those hell they pushed you through !

                                          The grit matters and it matters damn good for its what makes you take the sweetest revenge even if its for a moment. .even if we wont be knowing for sure what they feel..Agree it or not But the rush that fills your mind must sure make you proud of what you have made of yourself.. And remember for many it happens to be from the trashes stinking the worst ! 

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  1. Hi...
    nice article... a great read... I accidentally chanced upon this blog... and somehow the article is in line with the mood I am in right now... so couldn't resist commenting...
    The best part:
    "Please don't interrupt me while I am ignoring you"



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