Friday, August 27


I never realized the importance of this word or rather the perfect part it plays in my life each single day until a while back. To be precise, i never got the impetus to sit down to dissect the word to its subtleties in any of my contemplative modes until some one as a miracle happened to seep into my mind, removed the blindfold and opened my eyes to the ever inspiring, beautiful haven hidden in a poorly lit corner of my mind.

It so happens sometimes right ? My mom used to tell me when i sit dejected and brooding over something that ' Are you ever going to realize your worth ?!! ' . Well i believe many would have the same story to say. Maybe the character asking the question would be different. Sometimes it turns out that you need some one else to enlighten you on yourself. Can be your mother, can be your father, siblings or even your love, or sometimes a complete stranger !.

It did for me. I happened to realise like some smoke screen has been erased from my vision that being passionate doesnt narrow down to just yelling at the top of your mind's voice and daring any challenge that comes your way. On the other hand it happens to be more about dedicating your whole heart to things you love. Its more about making your days meaningful. I mean we maynot be able to live our days like a protagonist of some movie whom as we see would be so pursuing a Happening life !! Well yea maybe for some but not for all. For people like me, its about relishing each asset i'm blessed with , each smile that makes my day. I believe only some one who finds a small heaven in the blessings they are so fortunately laden with, can succeed in striving for more .

you might find this silly ! But i realised these days that , i find myself pretty much in love with certain things the more i do it, i love certain movies the more i watch it and i love certain songs the more i listen to it. Is it coz they are hopelessly addictive ? Or is it coz i'm passionate towards them ? Either way right ? Like things that are hopelessly addictive can make us passionate towards them and things we are passionate about can turn out hopelessly addictive !!

well guess that explains it ! And if you find yourself happy doing something, just love it to the core !! Be it loving some one or loving something ! If you have a hobby be passionate about it . If you feel you wanna do more with your days , why hesitate ?! Or is it like oh i'm too weak to survive a chance or i'm gonna discard the idea sooner or later anyway ? Well you never know unless you try !! May be that would be one of the best decisions of your life ! :)

Conviction and Faith in what you love makes you love them more. If you are some one passionate, well i can say without a tad of doubt that you have the most exciting life infront of you ! :) And if you are some one who wants to be one, all i can say is that . . Its never Late !! :)


  1. You really have a passion for writing also... Keep it up. A never-to-be-forgotten post indeed!

  2. You know passion is often associated with spontaneity and spontaneity is often associated with impulsiveness or rash decisions or actions. So while one needs to be passionate,but we need to be careful as they say every coin has two sides.!

    First time, here drifted in from Indiblogger - quite enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Well written post. You seem to have a passion for writing just as I do. Mine comes from a darker source, but I'm still glad I have it. You've got yourself a follower.... for your blog, that is! ;-)


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