Friday, September 16


The intention is obvious. ever since i finished watching the entire series of FRIENDS , there has been this constant tug at the back of my heart. all though pretty confident that i would never in my life be able to bring life to the myriad of emotions i found myself savouring in each single episode , all i wanted to do was to sit down and scribble a piece of my heart addicted to the series. as silly it might seem for many, that much weighs the strength which holds me close to the characters - each and every one. and without a tad of doubt, i can put it affirmatively that the hearts out there who happened to witness the life of the 6 friends would agree to what i say . .

 A series review is far in my thoughts . rather the perfect way to sketch a soveneiger would be to state outright what i feel about the characters. . so here goes . .


 Ross Geller, the cutest geek one would ever come across. if i say i never went ROFL over your geekiness, your illustration of unaagi , your  FOSSIL speeches , your unfortunate first aaand the second marriage i would be lying ! th emedical marvel as Mr. geller proudly puts it finds himself on the negative side of the luck coin when it comes to flirting . wonder why ross it take took you 10 seasons to ultimately realise the true love of your life ?!  oh for sure i know the reason . . . coz U were on a Break !! isnt it ? ;)


Monica geller, ross's little sister and the lynchpin of the whole gang. if it werent for you , the visula treat would never have been half enticing ! . this high maintanence character just blew me off ! the cleanliness, the many obsessions , the childhood binge of the fat monica, the sweet ross-monica relation, her turky dance, getting down on her knes to propose to chandlier, the ever exuberent chef with delicacies at the snap of her fingers - i can say, hands down , monica - You Rock !! and i guess i know what you must be shouting back - I KNOW !! ;)


Joey tribiani , the drake ramorae who won many a hearts with his ever green tv show days of our lives , or was it the days of our lives ? ;) , sure was the sweetest part of the series. i am sure to lose count if i were to list out the many times he sent me laughing mu heart out with his ' oh so stupid am i '  , oh so brilliant am i ' gestures. his tryst with rachel , his stints to make it big in the silver screen , his dedicated friendship with chandelier , his possessiveness for HUGSY . . should agree your never once failed to bring a smile on my face !


Phoebe buffay , the weirdest beauty around ! passionate about spirituality, astrology , and her USP - her music . .phew ! she was quite the eye popper ! will you ever listen to a song to find yourself laughing out even louder than the music itself ?? get yourself a copy of Smelly cat and the likes by the awesome musician at heart she is ;) and if you thought weird people never make it big when it comes to love life. . well phoebe ultamately finds her perdect partner in Mike . . ( isnt he the cutest ! ) . phoebe , you sure granted that catchy edge to the show . .


Chandlier bing- yes that would top the list of the queerest family names ! lol ! if you thought that would be it , you are in for a surprise ! belonging to a dad who was a transgender ( isnt so ?) there are more reasons than one which lends a hilarious shade to the character he is. with a lovable face and his ever ready to shoot sarcastic comments , this commitment fearing fellow stole many a hearts with his readiness to ask for monica's hand. and oh the things you said to Erica as a pleading to coax her into letting them adopt her baby - a passionate husband at his best ! . though a series about friends,  friendship is depicted at its deepest facetts in the relation beyween chandlier and joey. with monica and chandlier keeping apart a koey room in their new home , the relation is ultimate !


Ah ! the stunner of the show ! the flirtaceous , immature , ever rasiant ' bride should have been ' who sent Gunther head over heels with her entry into central perk one fine day . almost the cynosure of the show ,  this spoilt girl who desperately wanted to transform from a shoe to a purse or a hat, gav eus smany a reason to be glued onto the screen. should say the character deserves an applause for proving it to the audience that the beat of the heart goes a long way rather than the loudness of the mind. - right from running off from her wedding to berry to raising emma as a single mother to flyng back to ross once he proposed to her ( atlast ! ) in the last episode, Rachel green shines her best throughout the journey .

             aAs i mentioned before, words dampen the emotion to some extent and i can, infact any die hard fan of this series can go on forever quoting their statements ! nevertheless, i should highlight the most important theme conveyed across to the viewere - HONESTY . never does we see them carrying out a lie for long. sometime or the other , the truth is made explicit by someone or the other. 

   this piece of article will stay with me and whwnever i need to hark back on this period of my life which found me going gaga over rachel, monica, phoebe , chandlier , ross and joey , i can at the touch of my fingers . yeah i might have more impotant matters to dwelve in the very next second i am done with jotting down this, but then i had the best of times reminiscing about the good moments i had with the series . Guess its the same with you guys . . 

P.S : to all fans of this wonderful :)

Thursday, September 8

Touch of love . .

Philanthropy has always intrigued me . they say Pisceans are the most compassionate of the lot.  And with the many I managed to observe so far , I say this is true.  Proud to be a Piscean I wanted to materialize this soft facet of the character I have always wanted to kindle . yes true that philanthropy takes its roots from our day to day lives , interactions , shining in those kind words to fellowbeings , those warm gestures to those who form part of our lives. But then to take it to larger picture picture is always difficult . it demands tons of dedication , source and determination  !

Charity doesn’t come easily . we tend to evade the thought of contributing to destitute and the lesser privileged if there is an option . the thought springs easily, but the action   can be elusive . and so also after almost one year of inception of the thought , one fine day I managed to make a visit to the old age home situated near our hospital. I wasn’t quite sure what I had in my mind till I met the Mother near the church premises where the St. joseph’s poor home is located. She was the embodiment of compassion . .the guardian of the many who embrace the home as their haven.

To put it frank, the whole atmosphere was serene and poignant and I found myself sympathizing with the members , many a times with wet eyes. They talked to me sweet and  slow, like some long lost relative. Though some were resilient so to say . 

 Shocking isn’t how people blindly throw away like rugs the hands that cared for them through each and every stumble in the complicated maze of life . pity them ! and the thought of the dead lonleiness they must be suffering silently ,scared me !

The few people I met there were pretty  happy to share some of their stories with me , an outsider . the mother gave me a concised view of what I could offer to the old age home and I was more than happy to offer them a small monetary help.

I find myself blessed to have a family , a home and the many small joys I get to share with my parents and brother. And that day I promised myself that I would never let myself shut my eyes to those moments granted by my parents which make me who I am today.

Love you both . . love you forever . . J

well .. surely did stumble upon a passion ! head over heels ! :)

As  Jeb Dickerson rightly puts it , ‘ passion is like the kernel of corn struck between your molars, always  reminding you there is something to tend to ‘ . not a day passes by without me experiencing this constant tug at the back of my heart to jot down something on my blog or on my diary . the latest  enlightenment on the road of literature – POETRY ! . and I agree this hands down that poetry is the ultimate treatment for the scary writer’s block !

I came up with my first poem a mere 8 months back and in left in awe since then as to how beautiful and mesmerizing the art is ! no form of literature brings you desperately in love with words as poetry does . and guess what the first ever poem I came up with , which ended up as the doorway towards yet another alluring passion is going to get published in our college magazine !

Nowadays I find myself listening to the lyrics of songs intentionally , sometimes unintentionally . yes , most of the songs are enriched with adorable metaphors and synonyms that I wonder why I never cared to notice those before! So grateful to god for opening my eyes to the enchanting world of poetry :)