Thursday, September 8

Touch of love . .

Philanthropy has always intrigued me . they say Pisceans are the most compassionate of the lot.  And with the many I managed to observe so far , I say this is true.  Proud to be a Piscean I wanted to materialize this soft facet of the character I have always wanted to kindle . yes true that philanthropy takes its roots from our day to day lives , interactions , shining in those kind words to fellowbeings , those warm gestures to those who form part of our lives. But then to take it to larger picture picture is always difficult . it demands tons of dedication , source and determination  !

Charity doesn’t come easily . we tend to evade the thought of contributing to destitute and the lesser privileged if there is an option . the thought springs easily, but the action   can be elusive . and so also after almost one year of inception of the thought , one fine day I managed to make a visit to the old age home situated near our hospital. I wasn’t quite sure what I had in my mind till I met the Mother near the church premises where the St. joseph’s poor home is located. She was the embodiment of compassion . .the guardian of the many who embrace the home as their haven.

To put it frank, the whole atmosphere was serene and poignant and I found myself sympathizing with the members , many a times with wet eyes. They talked to me sweet and  slow, like some long lost relative. Though some were resilient so to say . 

 Shocking isn’t how people blindly throw away like rugs the hands that cared for them through each and every stumble in the complicated maze of life . pity them ! and the thought of the dead lonleiness they must be suffering silently ,scared me !

The few people I met there were pretty  happy to share some of their stories with me , an outsider . the mother gave me a concised view of what I could offer to the old age home and I was more than happy to offer them a small monetary help.

I find myself blessed to have a family , a home and the many small joys I get to share with my parents and brother. And that day I promised myself that I would never let myself shut my eyes to those moments granted by my parents which make me who I am today.

Love you both . . love you forever . . J


  1. wow Malu! you went to the Old age home! that's so sweet of you! i wish i could go there too! :)

  2. Hello Beautiful Heart!,nice u've visited the Old-aged Home.very inspiring narrative Writing.

  3. Charity is a great thing... its my great dream to visit an old age home...u have done a great job...keep doing such good activities... it helps for ur self growth a lot..

  4. sweet and heartening.... to visit an old age home is such a noble gesture. kudos!

  5. Lovely Post!
    Keep up the good wprk! :)


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