Thursday, September 8

well .. surely did stumble upon a passion ! head over heels ! :)

As  Jeb Dickerson rightly puts it , ‘ passion is like the kernel of corn struck between your molars, always  reminding you there is something to tend to ‘ . not a day passes by without me experiencing this constant tug at the back of my heart to jot down something on my blog or on my diary . the latest  enlightenment on the road of literature – POETRY ! . and I agree this hands down that poetry is the ultimate treatment for the scary writer’s block !

I came up with my first poem a mere 8 months back and in left in awe since then as to how beautiful and mesmerizing the art is ! no form of literature brings you desperately in love with words as poetry does . and guess what the first ever poem I came up with , which ended up as the doorway towards yet another alluring passion is going to get published in our college magazine !

Nowadays I find myself listening to the lyrics of songs intentionally , sometimes unintentionally . yes , most of the songs are enriched with adorable metaphors and synonyms that I wonder why I never cared to notice those before! So grateful to god for opening my eyes to the enchanting world of poetry :)

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  1. heyy girl :) Congratulations!!!

    and welcome aboard the flight to poetry land :P


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