Tuesday, February 28

Fearless In The Sea

Life , like the tide of a sea
Tickle your feet ; the raptures entice you and me . . 
Before you it recedes atlast , inspite of your plea
Drenched in effervescence , for long remain thee .

Life , like the tide of a sea 
Taunt us with gory , you never expect such from thee. 
You wriggle from its clutch , you , but never ever me ;
Relieved to have survived , though its a pity you did flee .
-soon to be part of an anthology-

Sunday, February 26

The silver lining . . Its You My Dear Friend

                                     Friendship is one topic that has been written, discussed, debated and appraised over the decades. True, some emotions fail to lacklustre. They stand the test of time and the much feared insipidness of repetition. Perhaps, i shouldnt dive deep into the topic. Nevertheless, i would swim around on the wavy surface , which always is the perfect way to let out the taunting thoughts waiting to be let out ,making you feel good in the end , rather than draining much energy from your already confused mind.

                                   God's ways are immaculate ( pardon me atheist lot , i happen to be an ardent believer of Almighty  ). Sublimity at its best ! Let me state the fact that i happen to be someone who uphold the ' Destiny has already been written ' facet of the destiny debate coin. Maybe i should add that i hold onto that nugget particularly when i am stuck with an adversity. Somehow it ends up offering me the much needed impetus to move on. 

                          I find myself blessed with an enlightening ray of hope every time this line of thought gurgles inside me whispering  ' Breathe out girl , whatever happened was bound to happen and it wont belong before the the globe of fate turns in your favour . keep moving ! '

                                  Coming onto the topic proper , there has been a sprinkle of almighty nourishing my being for the past one month. And if you thought the matter is concerning a boy , well i should disappoint you . Again, if you thought the matter is concerning my best friend, well you are wrong a second time. The person i am referring to is a girl and she is not my best friend. ( no rolling eyes please :P ) Nonetheless , let me add that she is one of my very good friends . Some people are blessed with the enviable blend of grace, independence, cheerfulness and attitude , that with one enticing conversation, they make your day ! 

                     Even amazing is how you end up doing just that every time you share time with that person. You retreat with a smile adorning not just your otherwise glum face, but also your vapid mind. If your life has otherwise been wretched, with you sliding deeper into the dark recesses with every passing hour, this person becomes the sole lifeline of solace.

                                 Had my bestfriends been in a position to shoulder me every time i fell down, they would have done a better job , i know. But yes,cuss comes in cascades. Sometimes you are left high and dry , thanks to the vagaries of your career ! And that is when you learn to appreciate the presence of people near you, who can manage to keep you alive, perhaps not as perfectly as your dearest friends, but close enough .

                            Striking it is when neither that person nor you ever in your wildest thoughts construed the relationship to brighten your moments , like its happening this time around. Mystery huh ? Then, isnt that the beauty of unpredictability , in which life excels sans rivalry ? 

                                     Though every time she clears the cloud of misery sctraching the back of my mind  wherever i be , with a conversation bubbling with exuberance , i secretly hope ' This sure is God answering my prayers . It does bode well as far as my state of mind is concerned .But wouldnt he have had the opportunity to watch me smiling at my beautiful best ,if He had let me savour what i desired the most ? '

                        No debate as to the magnanimity of His plans, and no doubts whatsoever as to the rock solid faith  i have in Him. Therefore i look forward to the soothing rendezvous with my friend everyday, to  garnish my days with smiles.

                                 I hesitate at the  dawn, i stutter during the day, i sink during the dusk. But the stark bitterness of the truth that days keep rolling with or without your consent, comes as a strong blow on your face to revive you from the slumber of hopelessness. 

                        True to the core that it might be hard to keep pace with steadfastness of life . But sometimes you are swept to a phase of life when the best you can do is to hold onto the moments . . to trust that sole silver lining glimmering your way . . to keep tracing the torturous path with wistful eyes . . somewhere around corner you are destined to meet the best part of your life .
                                                              ~ Maliny


Haiku - Muse

                            The sublime you captivate me
                            In your smile blooms my loveliest verse ~ 
                            My muse forever you remain
                                                                    ~ Maliny


Saturday, February 25

A Loner In A New City

             People vouch for solitude . There may be very few takers for the depressing  mode of loneliness.  And even less when the brunt of loneliness has been impinged upon then against their will and interest. Let the situation take a twist and consider the protagonist being a person who has been assigned to a new work place in a city completely alien to him / her .

                              The situation is no  surprise nor is it implausible. It is something you and I and the many thousands of those in the working age group need to face, sometime or the other.

              It happens that in a new city, you need to start working from the basic necessaties ; the famous trio of food, clothing and shelter . In this
modern era yet another fact deserves mentioning . . Travel . Even when the situation remains that every other employed person owns a mode of transport
, it is not less common the number of people who dwell on the other facet of the same coin. Infact depending on a bus or an autorickshaw seems a far
better option these days  to be candid ; owing to the heavy traffic and the " Now where shall I park my car ?! " phobia running in big cities.

              But if you thought embellishing the luxury of a mode of travel where you need not be at the helm is divine well, it is not so ; atleast on the very
first day of setting out on that adventure ! You need to desperately memorise the subtle details of the fresh sights, scenaries and the signboards lest you are bound to end up reaching an entirely different
destination . I happen to be unfortunate enough ( or stupid enough ) to perform my alight two stops past my destination and several stops prior to the place I stay during the to and fro journeys on the very first day of my life in a new city !

               Next comes the yearning to find out a decent place to have good food , a recharge shop , a street to let out your shopping genes on a spree , an ATM
counter and still more depending on the personality you are .

            Now let us take the case of a woman protagonist . I myself have been assigned the post of a medical officer for a period of one year at a hospital in a well established and luxury splurging city and the job demands me travelling alone at odd hours . Would you believe it ? People even in this era cant help but raise the brow of curiosity when they come across a lady travelling all by herself after the dusk. They stare and stare as if they expect us to buckle ourselves up for a " chikni  chameli "
show then and there ! But take it or not , women , these days are too passionate that they have out grown such innenduos  they are forced to
encounter along the way.

              Holding onto near and dear ones in each and every undertaking for lack or courage of fear of safety is old story . To survive the race and to earn
our daily bread , we need to shed the inhibitions and stand up for ourselves. Even if that demands taking risks and fighting at any cost.

               Stating that man's inquisitiveness towards exploring new places is voracious would be an understatement . Simply because of the fact that we have an eye for anything interesting, exotic and fresh which  tickle our aesthetic sense and we set out to imbibe every ounce of the visual treat the place
has to offer.

            So if you are a loner by choice or one against your will, calm down and breathe out . For being independent is not that bad an experience after all . And the spurt of excitement you experience in
adjusting to the tunes of a new place is unmatchable . Discard that veneer of apprehension for the little blunders you come up with turn out to be topics to laugh your heart out later. So go on and live it out !

                                                         ~ Maliny


Sunday, February 19

Love should win isnt ?


             " Wont you ever get it Rhea ? Time and again i reiterate only to watch you repeat the same mistake everytime you walk down the aisle . This is the last time i am going to correct you . Keep the product on the right hand and wave your left hand so that the gesture would highlight the product . Clear ? "  The ad director shouted at her thrashing the script on the table.  She nodded slightly , trying hard to suppress the tear welling up in her eyes . 

            This was her dream . Something which she remembered cherishing since time immemorial . Something for which she has been toiling day in and day out, each step towards the goal nurturing the dream on the way . She feared her castle , so diligently constructed , with every ounce of her energy and determination , would tumble down then and there

             She has not been feeling well the whole week . And she knew the reason more than anyone. She has not been eating well . There has been episodes of giddiness every morning to which her workaholic mind wasnt ready to succunb come what may. And she was perfectly sure of the fact that this is going to stay with her for more days to come. She prayed hard to let her keep moving. One stumble and she would be inviting the wrath upon her . 

                 There has been something else bogging her down . A decision which demands pondering. Lots and lots of it

              But now, the vague veneer of doubt seems to have been erased. Right that moment , she wasnt torn between the right and wrong; rather the grits to make it big burned inside her .

             She rushed back hastily to her office room and fumbled with the pieces of paper lying loosely on her table. Her fingers caught on a yellow piece of paper with frickled edges. She dialled a number scribbled across that paper and fiddled with the paper weight on her table when a voice at the other end answered. 

        ' Yes ma'm how can i help you ? '

    '  Can i fix an appointment with Dr. Priyanka ? '

            Later that evening , she was painting her nails when the door bell rang . She hurried to open the door, to let her husband in . He hugged her tight the moment she loosened the latch, taking her by surprise. ' Hey whats up today ?! brewing with love huh ; she winked .

            ' oh well baby, i am . But not for you, rather for my latest darling'. She mimicked a scorn when he kissed her lightly caressing her tummy. How is my little baby girl huh ? Is she causing you trouble . He teased her . He always does. 

                   He knows to bring that smile back on her face, lifting her up from any wretch she would slip into. She loved him for that. She wondered why she ever hesitated all her life when the idea of marriage was placed before her by her parents. God ! it was wonderful. May be she was a tad bit more blessed to have landed with someone as heavenly as him.

         ' Arjun, i need to tell you something . Its very important '. 

          ' Rhea before that i need to tell you something. Rather i need to give you something. Here look at this . 
             Her gaze fell on a fluffy red bundle on his hands , which he was holding with so much care. On his other hand he was holding a knitting needle. 

          'This is for you. Now dont call me silly and dont you dare call me filmy '. He grinned . ' Remember our first day out to the beach and you saw a lady knitting a woollen dress , while her husband was watching intently at the glow on his wife's face, a glow in your words, only the excitement of a soon to be mother can construe . I need you to take this. Iknow how much you look forward to being a mother. We will , together , prepare for our little baby's arrival . I love you. More than anything .'

            A tear drop rolled down her cheek. He caresed it away with a kiss , holding her in a close hug. 

            ' Hey what is it that you needed to tell me baby ? '

           ' Its nothing. something at work . I forgot . let me go get your dinner ok. Go take your shower :) '

            She grabbed her phone and moved to a corner of the kitchen, dialling a number in betwEen.

        ' Yes, you have reached Dr. Priyanka's clinic. What may i do for you ? '

       ' I had called up today morning . Rhea. I would like to cancel the appointment i had fixed with you earlier . ok ? '

        ' Oh congrats, so you have decided  to keep the baby ? '

             ' Yes, i have ' .

                          ~ By Maliny Mohan

P.S : This has been a first time week ;) . The above post is my first attempt in short story writing . Yes i know  i need to work upon it lots, but then starting out on a new venture is in itself exciting :)

Saturday, February 18

55 Fiction

   That moment when life comes crashing down

"   The whole world is saying. But her heart, dissolved in trust, refused to listen. 

Still why does it bother her deep ?

 Tired, she dialled her husband's number,bit  worried that she might disturb his sleep at 3 a.m in the morning. 

       An automated voice replied ;

' The number you are trying to reach is currently busy ' "

                 This was my very first attempt in 55 fiction. Thanks to  http://www.deepakkarthikspeaks.blogspot.in/  for the inspiration :)

First attempt in Haiku !


Like A Sun

I sink deep and more

The silent lonely nights stand perfect testimony -

Dead to be born again !

                                               ~ Maliny Mohan

Friday, February 17

Yes , I Sleep With My Earphone !


                                             The cacophony erupts with the crack of dawn . That must be my mom yelling at the top of her voice ! I strained myself to make out bits and pieces from the whole fuss , with half opened eyes , almost certain that the gaga might be over me ! Proving my hunch right I caught a particular line that managed to be a tad bit higher pitched than the rest . . ' She slept with the earphone yesterday ! And she is doing that everyday ! ' I suppressed a chuckle lest I should invite more wrath upon me .

                                           Yes you guessed right . . My mom, as rebellious as one could ever be , belongs to the ' mobile phones cause brain tumour and long hours of music through earphone affects your equilibrium ' rung of the population . All concerned parents ought to be , I agree.

                                           I tell her , ' the next generation parents would certainly beg to differ as they themselves would find it difficult to get their ears off their favourite tracks , no matter where they are . . And she retorts , ' let us see if their eardrums manage to survive all these decibels 10yrs down the line ! :| I dont know if she has a point there or not , but sure I know that I cant do without the 500 + songs on my playlist !

                                           How would you feel when you have been in pain all day and after popping an analgesic onto your mouth , the searing pain ceases to trouble you just like that ? Heavenly isnt ? And thats how music works for me , must be the same for all music junkies , not the least bit exaggerating !

                                        You must be a true to the core music fan if you find yourself googling the classic bands , melodies , whatever be the sort of music , not hesitating to appreciate the golden touch of the old however less cool it might seem . .
                                      And you nevertheless , manage to keep track on the fresh bands n music artists mushrooming in the blink of eye to realise in awe that some of them arent that bad either ! . . .

                                                     You cant refrain from sleeping with your headphone on , not just one night , but every other night ! Yes the company is insatiable . . Hands down .
If every song on your playlist has a memory tagged to it . . And however hard you try you cant get to delete that particular song from your list . .

                                          You keep telling yourself that i'll be up and moving after the next song only to find that the song following was an even more fav one and before you knew you would be relishing an entire hour or more fiddling with the songs juggling them . .

                                        You have a few set of songs for every mood which you play back to back either to soothe you down , to cry your heart out or to pep you up . .

                                      The lyrics attract you just as much as the music , for you realise that the soul lies in what the song is trying to convey afterall. .

                                   When your mom wonders ' where is the music in this . Isnt this absolute noise pollution ! ' while you are checking out the latest Foo fighter's song , you reason hard to the last ounce of your energy to state how much the guitar clings take you to a high be it Metallica or Hoobastank or whatever ! . . When at the same time , you pay an ear to her favourite music as well if they promise to be meaningful and catchy . .

                                  Isnt it the one thing you allow yourself to befriend even in solitude ?

                               Right now the night has started spreading its tresses . . Why dont you plug your mind onto that latest earworm and call it a day :)


P.S : This post was written at sometime close to midnight . . and so the ending . And i like it the way it is that now i dont feel like changing it to suit whoever might read it at whatever times of the day . Pardon me :)