Sunday, February 26

The silver lining . . Its You My Dear Friend

                                     Friendship is one topic that has been written, discussed, debated and appraised over the decades. True, some emotions fail to lacklustre. They stand the test of time and the much feared insipidness of repetition. Perhaps, i shouldnt dive deep into the topic. Nevertheless, i would swim around on the wavy surface , which always is the perfect way to let out the taunting thoughts waiting to be let out ,making you feel good in the end , rather than draining much energy from your already confused mind.

                                   God's ways are immaculate ( pardon me atheist lot , i happen to be an ardent believer of Almighty  ). Sublimity at its best ! Let me state the fact that i happen to be someone who uphold the ' Destiny has already been written ' facet of the destiny debate coin. Maybe i should add that i hold onto that nugget particularly when i am stuck with an adversity. Somehow it ends up offering me the much needed impetus to move on. 

                          I find myself blessed with an enlightening ray of hope every time this line of thought gurgles inside me whispering  ' Breathe out girl , whatever happened was bound to happen and it wont belong before the the globe of fate turns in your favour . keep moving ! '

                                  Coming onto the topic proper , there has been a sprinkle of almighty nourishing my being for the past one month. And if you thought the matter is concerning a boy , well i should disappoint you . Again, if you thought the matter is concerning my best friend, well you are wrong a second time. The person i am referring to is a girl and she is not my best friend. ( no rolling eyes please :P ) Nonetheless , let me add that she is one of my very good friends . Some people are blessed with the enviable blend of grace, independence, cheerfulness and attitude , that with one enticing conversation, they make your day ! 

                     Even amazing is how you end up doing just that every time you share time with that person. You retreat with a smile adorning not just your otherwise glum face, but also your vapid mind. If your life has otherwise been wretched, with you sliding deeper into the dark recesses with every passing hour, this person becomes the sole lifeline of solace.

                                 Had my bestfriends been in a position to shoulder me every time i fell down, they would have done a better job , i know. But yes,cuss comes in cascades. Sometimes you are left high and dry , thanks to the vagaries of your career ! And that is when you learn to appreciate the presence of people near you, who can manage to keep you alive, perhaps not as perfectly as your dearest friends, but close enough .

                            Striking it is when neither that person nor you ever in your wildest thoughts construed the relationship to brighten your moments , like its happening this time around. Mystery huh ? Then, isnt that the beauty of unpredictability , in which life excels sans rivalry ? 

                                     Though every time she clears the cloud of misery sctraching the back of my mind  wherever i be , with a conversation bubbling with exuberance , i secretly hope ' This sure is God answering my prayers . It does bode well as far as my state of mind is concerned .But wouldnt he have had the opportunity to watch me smiling at my beautiful best ,if He had let me savour what i desired the most ? '

                        No debate as to the magnanimity of His plans, and no doubts whatsoever as to the rock solid faith  i have in Him. Therefore i look forward to the soothing rendezvous with my friend everyday, to  garnish my days with smiles.

                                 I hesitate at the  dawn, i stutter during the day, i sink during the dusk. But the stark bitterness of the truth that days keep rolling with or without your consent, comes as a strong blow on your face to revive you from the slumber of hopelessness. 

                        True to the core that it might be hard to keep pace with steadfastness of life . But sometimes you are swept to a phase of life when the best you can do is to hold onto the moments . . to trust that sole silver lining glimmering your way . . to keep tracing the torturous path with wistful eyes . . somewhere around corner you are destined to meet the best part of your life .
                                                              ~ Maliny



  1. oh this was so beautifully sounded like words penned buy an angel....

  2. and anonymous is me alka narula...some problem with the comment not sure if u have recieved my previous comment which got posted as anonymous


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