Sunday, February 19

Love should win isnt ?


             " Wont you ever get it Rhea ? Time and again i reiterate only to watch you repeat the same mistake everytime you walk down the aisle . This is the last time i am going to correct you . Keep the product on the right hand and wave your left hand so that the gesture would highlight the product . Clear ? "  The ad director shouted at her thrashing the script on the table.  She nodded slightly , trying hard to suppress the tear welling up in her eyes . 

            This was her dream . Something which she remembered cherishing since time immemorial . Something for which she has been toiling day in and day out, each step towards the goal nurturing the dream on the way . She feared her castle , so diligently constructed , with every ounce of her energy and determination , would tumble down then and there

             She has not been feeling well the whole week . And she knew the reason more than anyone. She has not been eating well . There has been episodes of giddiness every morning to which her workaholic mind wasnt ready to succunb come what may. And she was perfectly sure of the fact that this is going to stay with her for more days to come. She prayed hard to let her keep moving. One stumble and she would be inviting the wrath upon her . 

                 There has been something else bogging her down . A decision which demands pondering. Lots and lots of it

              But now, the vague veneer of doubt seems to have been erased. Right that moment , she wasnt torn between the right and wrong; rather the grits to make it big burned inside her .

             She rushed back hastily to her office room and fumbled with the pieces of paper lying loosely on her table. Her fingers caught on a yellow piece of paper with frickled edges. She dialled a number scribbled across that paper and fiddled with the paper weight on her table when a voice at the other end answered. 

        ' Yes ma'm how can i help you ? '

    '  Can i fix an appointment with Dr. Priyanka ? '

            Later that evening , she was painting her nails when the door bell rang . She hurried to open the door, to let her husband in . He hugged her tight the moment she loosened the latch, taking her by surprise. ' Hey whats up today ?! brewing with love huh ; she winked .

            ' oh well baby, i am . But not for you, rather for my latest darling'. She mimicked a scorn when he kissed her lightly caressing her tummy. How is my little baby girl huh ? Is she causing you trouble . He teased her . He always does. 

                   He knows to bring that smile back on her face, lifting her up from any wretch she would slip into. She loved him for that. She wondered why she ever hesitated all her life when the idea of marriage was placed before her by her parents. God ! it was wonderful. May be she was a tad bit more blessed to have landed with someone as heavenly as him.

         ' Arjun, i need to tell you something . Its very important '. 

          ' Rhea before that i need to tell you something. Rather i need to give you something. Here look at this . 
             Her gaze fell on a fluffy red bundle on his hands , which he was holding with so much care. On his other hand he was holding a knitting needle. 

          'This is for you. Now dont call me silly and dont you dare call me filmy '. He grinned . ' Remember our first day out to the beach and you saw a lady knitting a woollen dress , while her husband was watching intently at the glow on his wife's face, a glow in your words, only the excitement of a soon to be mother can construe . I need you to take this. Iknow how much you look forward to being a mother. We will , together , prepare for our little baby's arrival . I love you. More than anything .'

            A tear drop rolled down her cheek. He caresed it away with a kiss , holding her in a close hug. 

            ' Hey what is it that you needed to tell me baby ? '

           ' Its nothing. something at work . I forgot . let me go get your dinner ok. Go take your shower :) '

            She grabbed her phone and moved to a corner of the kitchen, dialling a number in betwEen.

        ' Yes, you have reached Dr. Priyanka's clinic. What may i do for you ? '

       ' I had called up today morning . Rhea. I would like to cancel the appointment i had fixed with you earlier . ok ? '

        ' Oh congrats, so you have decided  to keep the baby ? '

             ' Yes, i have ' .

                          ~ By Maliny Mohan

P.S : This has been a first time week ;) . The above post is my first attempt in short story writing . Yes i know  i need to work upon it lots, but then starting out on a new venture is in itself exciting :)


  1. That was nice mate !! I like the twist at the end .. More than everything your topic was powerful !! It has lots and lots of meaning to it ..

  2. ---spoiler alert !-----;-P :D
    why is the title misleading ?? Somehow appears it doesn't fit in quite as snugly as the rest of the text. Then again, its the ambiguous title that left me guessing till the very last yea, in a way it does reinforce the air of mystery in the story :-)
    Seriously though, if this was your first attempt, i'm pretty sure it wont be much long before we see your works in hard print :-) excellent work. :-) all the best. !

  3. --------spoiler alert !-----------
    Nice, short and crisp..But, why do i find the title a bit misleading ? :-)
    Somehow it doesn't fit in quite as snugly as the content itself. But i'll have to say that its the ambiguous title that left me guessing till the very yeah, it does add to the air of mystery in the story.
    oh..and if this was your first attempt, pretty sure it wont be long before we read you in hard prints !!! :-) goodluckkk:-)

  4. hi Maliny,
    came across your blog from indiblogger and this post is fantastic..and title is very apt. keep writing short stories.. good work :)


  5. A splendid read :)
    One typo *freckled edges.(sorry for pointing out)
    This maiden attempt was blessed with love. Sometimes only someone else's love can make you realise what actually love is. Rhea realized it when her husband made her realise how special their child is. Kudos!
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)


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