Friday, February 17

Yes , I Sleep With My Earphone !


                                             The cacophony erupts with the crack of dawn . That must be my mom yelling at the top of her voice ! I strained myself to make out bits and pieces from the whole fuss , with half opened eyes , almost certain that the gaga might be over me ! Proving my hunch right I caught a particular line that managed to be a tad bit higher pitched than the rest . . ' She slept with the earphone yesterday ! And she is doing that everyday ! ' I suppressed a chuckle lest I should invite more wrath upon me .

                                           Yes you guessed right . . My mom, as rebellious as one could ever be , belongs to the ' mobile phones cause brain tumour and long hours of music through earphone affects your equilibrium ' rung of the population . All concerned parents ought to be , I agree.

                                           I tell her , ' the next generation parents would certainly beg to differ as they themselves would find it difficult to get their ears off their favourite tracks , no matter where they are . . And she retorts , ' let us see if their eardrums manage to survive all these decibels 10yrs down the line ! :| I dont know if she has a point there or not , but sure I know that I cant do without the 500 + songs on my playlist !

                                           How would you feel when you have been in pain all day and after popping an analgesic onto your mouth , the searing pain ceases to trouble you just like that ? Heavenly isnt ? And thats how music works for me , must be the same for all music junkies , not the least bit exaggerating !

                                        You must be a true to the core music fan if you find yourself googling the classic bands , melodies , whatever be the sort of music , not hesitating to appreciate the golden touch of the old however less cool it might seem . .
                                      And you nevertheless , manage to keep track on the fresh bands n music artists mushrooming in the blink of eye to realise in awe that some of them arent that bad either ! . . .

                                                     You cant refrain from sleeping with your headphone on , not just one night , but every other night ! Yes the company is insatiable . . Hands down .
If every song on your playlist has a memory tagged to it . . And however hard you try you cant get to delete that particular song from your list . .

                                          You keep telling yourself that i'll be up and moving after the next song only to find that the song following was an even more fav one and before you knew you would be relishing an entire hour or more fiddling with the songs juggling them . .

                                        You have a few set of songs for every mood which you play back to back either to soothe you down , to cry your heart out or to pep you up . .

                                      The lyrics attract you just as much as the music , for you realise that the soul lies in what the song is trying to convey afterall. .

                                   When your mom wonders ' where is the music in this . Isnt this absolute noise pollution ! ' while you are checking out the latest Foo fighter's song , you reason hard to the last ounce of your energy to state how much the guitar clings take you to a high be it Metallica or Hoobastank or whatever ! . . When at the same time , you pay an ear to her favourite music as well if they promise to be meaningful and catchy . .

                                  Isnt it the one thing you allow yourself to befriend even in solitude ?

                               Right now the night has started spreading its tresses . . Why dont you plug your mind onto that latest earworm and call it a day :)


P.S : This post was written at sometime close to midnight . . and so the ending . And i like it the way it is that now i dont feel like changing it to suit whoever might read it at whatever times of the day . Pardon me :)


  1. Writing a post post night time will be a good feel, like a free fall moment !
    Well, nicely written.. with ear phones if we sleep, ear has to replaced in near future :( sob sob !

  2. First of all, nice to see you back after a long gap. :)

    I have never slept with my earphones on but I love music. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood at that moment, also I mostly listen to my fav songs when I am alone. :)

    Lovely post. Welcome back. :)

  3. LOved it.....It was so beautiful!!!!!:-)

  4. That's such a cute post!
    Yes,I sleep with my earphones plugged in,sometimes I feel asleep too.
    I have my 4gb Ipod whining for more space.
    There are songs,attached with different,vivid memories.
    Yes,I google Bands,Classic too!

    P.S. All while reading this post I had a big Grin on my face :D


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