Tuesday, January 26


Some two months back, i happened to receive a nugget from one of my batchmates ! Which was in all ways a surprise for me because he rarely talked to me and i never before took him for the philosophical type. It happened just few minutes to our class which was supposed to be taken care of by a notorious doctor in that department. [ Though he was proved delicate at one hilarious moment ;) ].

 The seats in the front row were as usual left vacant by the boys for the privileged fairer lot . So as not to think back ruefully for having sacrifised my dignity voluntarily, for the Sir is sure to get you nailed , i concluded it would be wise to grab the one seat vacant and welcoming in the back row.
Seeing this rather unexpected move from my part, that guy remarked wryly, 

" Its useless trying to stop the inevitable ".

 I kinda let that pass with an air of disdain granting him a grateful smile for the timely advice and made myself comfortable in the back row. After all its human nature right to try and prevent the disaster if its sort of looming large and impending infront of you ! However optimistic you happen to be. You try whatever you can to hold strong and fast to that last piece of straw !

 Making matters complicated dwelling deeper into it is one thing and contemplating matters so as to make some sense out of it is entirely another. Nothing seemed essential here. I didnt have to think long and hard to arrive at the conclusion that each and every step in the course of life is inevitable ! They neednt be the important celebrated milestones in our life, nor do they need be the unexpected twists and turns that we meet with. Every single stone that paves the path called life is meant to be crossed.

 Does everyone of those have implications ? Neednt be.

 Does each of them have reasons and repercussions ? Neednt be.

 We never know what is gonna happen the next second. Do we ??

 Life has been so formatted that we carry out our thought processes relentlessly,which work behind the scenes of the daily happenings. The things that donot form part of our purview seem to happen out of the blue or they happen because of the spur of the moment decisions.
 Thanks to certain intricate words in our dictionary like 'Intuitions ' and ' premonitions ' !. 

I would like to categorise these as the seeds of the quite compelling fruit named 'The Inevitable ' !.

Even if we happen to be granted , rather to our shock , days which are lackadaisical even when exams are honking strong and urgent around the corner, and it so happens that the exam ends up to be surprisingly manageable,  then we call it the INEVITABLE -  with all gratitudes to the charming word called GOOD LUCK !

 And if it happens the way we fear strongly and in a way we expect to turn up, even then we call it the INEVITABLE  - courtesy the word called IMPRUDENCE !

 ( a disastrous exam sure is the consequence of your lack of concern for the result of your action which happens to be laziness right ! ).

Why dont you go ahead and ask me that if thats the condition, then why cant we just sit back and relax ?? The inevitable is gonna find you anyway right ?! . Well, you sure have the answer in that question itself. Sit back and relax. Needless to say the inevitable sure is gonna reach you ! And no prizes for guessing what that inevitable would be ! :p

It seems wiser to give life a shot with a positive attitude anyway. Because the stories of the hardworking prove that they some how or the other are blessed with inevitables which are far more colourful and innocuous than people who drag their days whining and cursing.

And so also lets prepare for the Inevitable...

Lets accept  the Inevitable... 

Lets get past the Inevitable smiling or crying..

It doesnt matter anyway..

 After all the inevitable is something that is supposed to happen right !!

Tuesday, January 5


I cant help but wonder ! Its a serious observation rather, a revelation that i come up with the most diverse of thoughts while i am trying hard to focus my eyes and mind on my text book :-0.

No, its not daydreaming ; its not even the usual ones that run through my mind when i am bored. These are damn serious ones and i am perplexed why such thoughts make their way to my mind at the wrong hour and that too in torrents ! I guess its pardonable for they are apparently healthy ones. But they definitely are in need of a let out, lest i should keep cramming my brain about the same. And thats not the least welcome, as my textbook is desperately in need of some attention with the exams peeping around the corner. Yea they are just peeping for me ;) for i need to seriously widen my peripheral vision to realise that they are actually looming large and scary ; to which, for the sake of my peace of mind , i am not quite yielding at the moment.

Enough of the prelude right. Lets get it done fast .

Frankly, there isnt the matter for a deep scanning. Yet lemme put down some thing which striked me inspiring at the first glance.

Its the punch line of the movie MY NAME IS KHAN which goes as

" We are stronger than our fears ;

We are greater than our limits ! "

Now, i dont think such a gripping theme has ever been utilised in Bollywood films, as long as my memory serves. ( such opinions and judgements are subjective, i know. And this is mine. Agreeing with me would make me happy and feeling free to leave here as comment if you found a more inspiring one would make me happier :) ].

Leave out Holly wood movies. They are far from the Indian scenario. According to me the English movies deal the subject in a deeper manner and the idea they try to convey happens to hit you right on the nail. Sadly, i have come across many who claim that its just a matter of your mindset and that Indians are hopelessly prejudiced when it comes to judging or evaluating the quality of the west - be it whatever they offer - movies,gadgets, books, education. That we have a tendency to grade whatever they offer the best. I'm not quite an expert in picking out the differences between the East and West nor can i certify which is the best for what. That forms the topic for another debate. So lets forget it.

Coming back, May be its because in India , rarely do we find a movie made which truly touches our heart, mind and soul . Once in a while a film like Rang de Basanti make their way to our minds to linger for long.

As of now, the concept highlighted in MNIK is the top on my list so far. Especially because, its something i had always believed in. And there have been instances in my life which proves the same. Courage is not just the display of strength of mind when you are met with a disaster. It also implies the ability to follow your dreams, standing rooted in your beliefs, chasing your desires, however unapproachable they seem to be, standing up for yourself.

Its simply about being strong enough to BE YOU in every phase of life.

Once my mom told me her idea regarding the word LIMITS. In her opinion, if one person in this world is capable of doing a particular thing, then the rest of the humans are no way inferior to him in being able to do the same. I dont know whether its absolutely right. I mean, i have heard one need to be genetically blessed to accomplish certain things, for eg; singing like Lata mangeshkar or acting like De niro or dancing like Micheal jackson !

Or is it that if you put your 100 percent, dedicating your mind and soul with a purpose and undying spirit to achieve something, you definitely are going to be successful ? Its also probable right ?

What differentiates people is the aptitude, attitude and the will to go beyond what you think is 'your limit' . Its only by expanding your comfort zone do one come eye to eye with the hidden strength and capabilities.

As one great man said,

" The door which you fear to approach might be the one holding the best of the opportunities !! "

And thats in short the synopsis of my brain storm ;)

Lets hope this fresh year, we are capable of




Have a successful and fearless 2010 ! :)

Saturday, January 2


    TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL - aah ! The mere glimpse of which is sufficient to set off a gush of emotions. My dad was speeding past this ' quite formidable signature ' [ nonethe less :) ]  of Trivandrum yesterday when i made a mental note of it to put down a few things about what this beautiful building means to me and the myriad of experiences it offers , all in one huge exciting structure on the move which it harbours  :). This building has ever been the same for me - smart and imposing ! Quite true. 

And you know what, i had this revelation when i sat down to write that i have some feelings for my city running pretty deep and strong in my veins ! And i can say without even a tad of doubt that its kinda ubiquitous around here ! Step right on the city and share a word or few with the fellows. Mark my words - the youth and the aged alike would display quite a spirit for this place they proudly inhabit.

Ok, lets leave it. This isnt about Trivandrum afterall. On the other hand, this space is gonna bubble with the undoubtedly familiar sounds of trains and chaiwallas ;). Come  Join me :)

 To start with, i need to go back a long in time. My native place is Trivandrum , but we were kinda stuck in palakkad ( yet another heavenly place i should say! ) for about 3 - 4 years . Thanks to my parents job. And lemme say those were the ' fresh to this world ' years of my life ;). Yea, the toddler me got introduced to the zeal of adventure through the happening train journeys from Trivandrum to Palakkad and back. Seriously you dont expect me to think long and hard and to explain here what those journeys meant to me then right :-p lolz :). But its true when i say flashes of memories do lie scattered.

 My mom even now shows no lack of interest in lamenting about the tiny me who ( supposedly :D ) used to give her a helluva time during those train journeys. Even now, when we come across a couple struggling to pacify their kid, we share a glance and try hard to suppress a smile ;)
 But then thats what kids are all about right ! Giving a hard time to your parents so that they would never ever dare to forget the naughty bratty baby you :p.

 The next few years saw me frequenting the station less , with the visits limiting to the occasional ones to drop off my mom for her yearly workshops. I shouldnt leave out it that the concept of a railway station started changing colours in my mind. When i grew up, i started noticing a good many facts about this quite ' other world ' . Infact i was in awe for the fact that i came to know that the stations were studded with book shops right on the platform. How i used to nag my dad showing him sad faces and pleading him to buy me one of those beautiful hard covered books adorning the shops ! I was too small then, but i should say you start showing signs of ur interests right from the bud . And neeless to say i still get a rush when i spot a book shop on any station .

And so also that goes on top of the list of the ' platform wonders ' ;) 

 The next major encounter with trains came with our visits to temples outside kerala. And those were the sunny days - everything going perfect and smooth, a whole two months of holidays stretching long and lovely before you, with your share of new clothes to be inaugurated at the temple and the cherry topping being the hours spent packing with our minds already halfway on the train :-) .
 Yea, those delectable journeys were preceeded by hours of immense joy and ' embarking on an adventure ' kinda feeling attached to it.

 The reasons which goes up on the list of my all time favourites when it comes to train journeys  : -

# The book stalls

# The fights with my brother to acquire the rather royal , so to say, seat by the window ;). Strange, i do that even now with my friends . I mean its a total waste of time if u are stuck at the dull space at the other end ! I used to sit with my eyes shut, throwing an attitude at my parents if i wasnt awarded the side seat. The privileges of being a girl are on a high in my family. Lolz.
 And needless to say i am the proud owner of my desires :p

# The meal which my mom tediously prepare to have in the train at night. The rare few time we get to savour the exquisite taste of the plantain leaf- meal blend ! Ummm , no butter chicken can match that !

# The frequenting of vendors in and out of the compartments carrying with them a variety of interesting stuffs ; coffee, magazines , newspapers. Even to this day i prefer coffee to tea only when i am in a train. Sort of emotional attachment ?? Guess so ! ;)

 It wouldnt be nice right if i leave out the dark images threaded to the same. The night marish days of my life - those 11 months when i was chained to a building looming high and proud in the heart of Thrissur town ! Oh yea, the P.c Thomas era ! The horrendous night journeys to the hostel there . Those sleepless nights with my mind overflowing with apprehension ! [ for those who have the least idea about this institution lemme tell you this is an entrance coaching centre infact the most flourishing centre in kerala and its kinda folklore here that your fate gets safe and secure
once you sign the application form to this place !! no kidding ! i should give all the credit to this place for making me an MBBS student ! 

But i think  we should delve less on that ! its kinda creepy..phew !

 These days also the spirit that comes with this remains the same, with the excitement not the least down. I am all smiles when i get to hear the happy news that there is a train running to Trivandrum just in time for us after the classes. And the adventures are never on a low !

 Last week, we were returning home by train, my friends and me. Any my hunger pangs started troubling me while the train neared Kollam station. And to our dismay the shops close to our compartment were shut down. And so i dragged my friend along with me to a shop some four compartments away with the never say die belief that there would be a 10 mt halt there, the least. It so turned out that there was already some kinda pandemonium outside the shop and we somehow made it to the counter wending our way through the crowd. Alas ! 

It was already late ! Not a guess right what could possibly go wrong ! The train started moving showing no mercy on us and we had to rush to it and climb on the stupid stairs with much struggle with it starting to gain speed ! Mind you, its not that light as you guess. Phew !
That was one experience !
While we were gasping for breath once back in our seats, i couldnt help laughing out. Damn ! Twas so like a Jab we met scenario !!

Even though my friend didnt quite agree with that because it nearly knocked the hell outta her ;).

 Such experiences come once in a lifetime right ! But there sure are other experiences quite insatiable that make the train journeys worth enjoying. The beautiful scenaries, the greenery, that one rarely get to view in cities which are untiringly getting stuffed with 'monuments' on the rise, the sunset and sunrise which seem pretty enchanting, the huge mountains covered in a blanket of clouds, the deep blue waterbodies flanking the railway track at places. The list stretches...

If you conclude this is all there is to trains, then you are mistaken. :) . The next time you get on a train dont forget to be on the look out for an adventure, for the visual treats you are sure to be granted with.

 Imbibe those and i bet you will be blessed with a bliss of no match :) :)