Tuesday, January 26


Some two months back, i happened to receive a nugget from one of my batchmates ! Which was in all ways a surprise for me because he rarely talked to me and i never before took him for the philosophical type. It happened just few minutes to our class which was supposed to be taken care of by a notorious doctor in that department. [ Though he was proved delicate at one hilarious moment ;) ].

 The seats in the front row were as usual left vacant by the boys for the privileged fairer lot . So as not to think back ruefully for having sacrifised my dignity voluntarily, for the Sir is sure to get you nailed , i concluded it would be wise to grab the one seat vacant and welcoming in the back row.
Seeing this rather unexpected move from my part, that guy remarked wryly, 

" Its useless trying to stop the inevitable ".

 I kinda let that pass with an air of disdain granting him a grateful smile for the timely advice and made myself comfortable in the back row. After all its human nature right to try and prevent the disaster if its sort of looming large and impending infront of you ! However optimistic you happen to be. You try whatever you can to hold strong and fast to that last piece of straw !

 Making matters complicated dwelling deeper into it is one thing and contemplating matters so as to make some sense out of it is entirely another. Nothing seemed essential here. I didnt have to think long and hard to arrive at the conclusion that each and every step in the course of life is inevitable ! They neednt be the important celebrated milestones in our life, nor do they need be the unexpected twists and turns that we meet with. Every single stone that paves the path called life is meant to be crossed.

 Does everyone of those have implications ? Neednt be.

 Does each of them have reasons and repercussions ? Neednt be.

 We never know what is gonna happen the next second. Do we ??

 Life has been so formatted that we carry out our thought processes relentlessly,which work behind the scenes of the daily happenings. The things that donot form part of our purview seem to happen out of the blue or they happen because of the spur of the moment decisions.
 Thanks to certain intricate words in our dictionary like 'Intuitions ' and ' premonitions ' !. 

I would like to categorise these as the seeds of the quite compelling fruit named 'The Inevitable ' !.

Even if we happen to be granted , rather to our shock , days which are lackadaisical even when exams are honking strong and urgent around the corner, and it so happens that the exam ends up to be surprisingly manageable,  then we call it the INEVITABLE -  with all gratitudes to the charming word called GOOD LUCK !

 And if it happens the way we fear strongly and in a way we expect to turn up, even then we call it the INEVITABLE  - courtesy the word called IMPRUDENCE !

 ( a disastrous exam sure is the consequence of your lack of concern for the result of your action which happens to be laziness right ! ).

Why dont you go ahead and ask me that if thats the condition, then why cant we just sit back and relax ?? The inevitable is gonna find you anyway right ?! . Well, you sure have the answer in that question itself. Sit back and relax. Needless to say the inevitable sure is gonna reach you ! And no prizes for guessing what that inevitable would be ! :p

It seems wiser to give life a shot with a positive attitude anyway. Because the stories of the hardworking prove that they some how or the other are blessed with inevitables which are far more colourful and innocuous than people who drag their days whining and cursing.

And so also lets prepare for the Inevitable...

Lets accept  the Inevitable... 

Lets get past the Inevitable smiling or crying..

It doesnt matter anyway..

 After all the inevitable is something that is supposed to happen right !!

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