Friday, February 12

Dont bother..its a jigsaw !

Some people are gifted i would say.they can write down anything and everything that comes to their mind !. gifted for the simple reason that not all are capable to do the same. and for me i need something to hit my mind strong and deep so that i would atleast be inspired to get a grip on my pen! and 5 out of 10 times this happens when i am revelling in the pleasure of having done with a book and the rest of the fraction when i am completely lost to be frank.
and for now thankfully its the better half of the fraction which has volunteered to help :). but no its nothing about the book ..not even close to it. its just random thoughts which happened to pass through me while i was..mmm lets say doing nothing !

its strange the way some experiences take their toll n you. when you find yourself in the verge of losing something important, knowingly or unknowingly you struggle hard to find yourself in other ways. yea its true this doesnt happen for all and for that matter it must also be quite clear right that it doesnt happen every time. and this i guess is the beauty of human mind :P its kinda labile.. forming it is your discretion and modifying it is indeed your choice. sometimes when you speak your mind, you just convey what you feel right at the moment, what you feel appropriate to the state of mind you have been put in by the juncture of life.
funny it neednt be your perception the next day or even the next moment. may be we should give it to the circumstances. may be we are just not ourselves without what we are made to go through by life. it reminds us how we are groomed by the circumstances thrown to us, how our minds are sculptured to think in one way at one moment and entirely another way the next moment, torn between choices. to put it as simple as that...experiences define us.
sometimes you beg for forgiveness and other times you need to forgive others. its never stagnant these feelings or these scenes of life. they are always in a trance. twisting and turning..contorting to the shape the moment demands. but it always happens that the past receives all the over zealous pampering from all quarters ! when tis the present which is actually playing its part nice and lively giving way to the future as the second ticks away...which on the other hand is moving towards you untiringly. and the past though at times bitter rarely seems to bother  someone who is rewarded with a pleasant present.

so i think i  have made up my mind today and have come to the conclusion  that its in every way safe to trust the present and for that matter the future to bring about all the change that you need, to transform your thoughts and take you through the steps which in the long run is eventually gonna make your past ! As they say may be  ITS ALL FOR GOOD !!

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