Tuesday, January 5


I cant help but wonder ! Its a serious observation rather, a revelation that i come up with the most diverse of thoughts while i am trying hard to focus my eyes and mind on my text book :-0.

No, its not daydreaming ; its not even the usual ones that run through my mind when i am bored. These are damn serious ones and i am perplexed why such thoughts make their way to my mind at the wrong hour and that too in torrents ! I guess its pardonable for they are apparently healthy ones. But they definitely are in need of a let out, lest i should keep cramming my brain about the same. And thats not the least welcome, as my textbook is desperately in need of some attention with the exams peeping around the corner. Yea they are just peeping for me ;) for i need to seriously widen my peripheral vision to realise that they are actually looming large and scary ; to which, for the sake of my peace of mind , i am not quite yielding at the moment.

Enough of the prelude right. Lets get it done fast .

Frankly, there isnt the matter for a deep scanning. Yet lemme put down some thing which striked me inspiring at the first glance.

Its the punch line of the movie MY NAME IS KHAN which goes as

" We are stronger than our fears ;

We are greater than our limits ! "

Now, i dont think such a gripping theme has ever been utilised in Bollywood films, as long as my memory serves. ( such opinions and judgements are subjective, i know. And this is mine. Agreeing with me would make me happy and feeling free to leave here as comment if you found a more inspiring one would make me happier :) ].

Leave out Holly wood movies. They are far from the Indian scenario. According to me the English movies deal the subject in a deeper manner and the idea they try to convey happens to hit you right on the nail. Sadly, i have come across many who claim that its just a matter of your mindset and that Indians are hopelessly prejudiced when it comes to judging or evaluating the quality of the west - be it whatever they offer - movies,gadgets, books, education. That we have a tendency to grade whatever they offer the best. I'm not quite an expert in picking out the differences between the East and West nor can i certify which is the best for what. That forms the topic for another debate. So lets forget it.

Coming back, May be its because in India , rarely do we find a movie made which truly touches our heart, mind and soul . Once in a while a film like Rang de Basanti make their way to our minds to linger for long.

As of now, the concept highlighted in MNIK is the top on my list so far. Especially because, its something i had always believed in. And there have been instances in my life which proves the same. Courage is not just the display of strength of mind when you are met with a disaster. It also implies the ability to follow your dreams, standing rooted in your beliefs, chasing your desires, however unapproachable they seem to be, standing up for yourself.

Its simply about being strong enough to BE YOU in every phase of life.

Once my mom told me her idea regarding the word LIMITS. In her opinion, if one person in this world is capable of doing a particular thing, then the rest of the humans are no way inferior to him in being able to do the same. I dont know whether its absolutely right. I mean, i have heard one need to be genetically blessed to accomplish certain things, for eg; singing like Lata mangeshkar or acting like De niro or dancing like Micheal jackson !

Or is it that if you put your 100 percent, dedicating your mind and soul with a purpose and undying spirit to achieve something, you definitely are going to be successful ? Its also probable right ?

What differentiates people is the aptitude, attitude and the will to go beyond what you think is 'your limit' . Its only by expanding your comfort zone do one come eye to eye with the hidden strength and capabilities.

As one great man said,

" The door which you fear to approach might be the one holding the best of the opportunities !! "

And thats in short the synopsis of my brain storm ;)

Lets hope this fresh year, we are capable of




Have a successful and fearless 2010 ! :)

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