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Liebster Ceremony

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           I have been postponding this particular post , part owing to my laziness and part owing to personal setbacks . Better late than never , i suppose . And now as i embark on this super delightful yet arduous procedure to return the acknowledgements of Nine wonderful bloggers , i feel honoured ! 

 First of all , i would like to express my deep felt gratitude to the following bloggers Guspazha , Saro , Mixi Deepak kripal , Matheikal sir , Karan aylawadi , Akash Govind ,The Whitescape Tanya Sehgal who nominated me for the Liebster . Thank you ! I owe you all an apology too for procastinating this for far too long . As a penalty i have decided to create a blog roll  and highlight your blogs on my side bar , which will happen soon :) 

I guess every blogger is aware of the rules associated with receiving a leibster award . Due to the bulkiness of the post i am not delving into the details . Let me jump onto the procedure proper . 

. 11 facts about me :

1 . I am an MBBS graduate , currently on a short sabbatical , as i am awaiting my p.g entrance exam results .

2 . I am passionate about reading ,in quite an intense way , that i find myself telling my mother these days that i would rather be in a life long committed and delightful relationship with books than with any of those eligible bachelors she persuades me to take a look at ( :P )

3 . I am trained in Bharatnatyam , something which i am proud of , yet left to rust in the dettol scented corridors of my professional life.

4 . I hate prejudice and pretence the most in a human .

5 . I am a piscean , and my strong hunch is that the piscean section on Linda Goodman's book on Sunsigns was written based on my life . Be it a positive trait , be it a negative trait , I am a perfect living illustration .

6 . I am a movie buff and i am an ardent admirer of malayalam movies in addition to the good hollywood ones . Mohanlal remains my all time favourite actor and from Hollywood it would be Johnny Depp and of lately i am inclined to Christian Bale to some extent . ' Manichithrathazhu ' is my favourite malayalam movie and ' American Beauty ' , favourite Hollywood pick .

7 . I sleep plugging my earphones on , a habit which has been under harsh criticism from my mother  for its probable side effects. I feel myself lost in the music of  Ouseppachan , A.R. Rahman , Yuvan Shankar Raja and Vishal Shekhar . Metallica is my favourite music band . I can listen to ' The Unforgiven ' in loops for a whole 24 hrs .

8 . Weird as it might sound , i shed tears ( not those big scary ones ) when i get nostalgic . I never brood for hours over the past events , but i dont forget them either . 

9 . My bucket list includes - sky diving ( like everybody else ) , trekking the Himalayas , staying for atleast a couple of days in Manhattan ( that much is my extent of addiction to F.R.I.E.N.D.S ) , and to write a best selling , critically acclaimed novel one day .

10 . I ignore people who hurt me like they never even existed , until they apologise for their act .

11 . After wrapping up my education , i would love to spend some time in the tribal areas as part of Medical Camps or awareness programmes . I would love to be associated with an N.G.O which supports ailing kids once i become an accomplished doctor .

Now coming to the Q and A sessions . I would have loved to answer each one of the questions that have been thrown at me , but that would amount to an extremely bulky post . And so , borrowing Panchali madam's idea , i thought of picking 2 out of 11 questions from each set and answering them here . ( Click on their names to view their respective blogs )

 . Whitescape's questions :

1 . The last book you have read ? -  Carry The One by Carol Anshaw .

2.  Movie you can watch over and over ?  Sandesham , a malayalam movie , which is a political satire and  ' You've got mail ' starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan .

. Questions by Tanya Sehgal :

1 . Your favourite cartoon character of all time ? - DeeDee of Dexter's Laboratory . My younger brother used to be a die hard fan of Dexter and he had wanted to be a scientist when he was a kid . I used to tease him , i cant remember why ! Maybe because i was a brat. Though he went on to grab a seat in IIT Mumbai for the Interactive Designing course , he is still that amused Dexter replica for me in my memories :)

2 . How would you describe your life journey in a single word ? - Complicated .

. Questions by Saro  :

1 . What is the purpose of your blog ? - My blog started off as a comfort zone for me to vent out my emotions post a traumatic incident a couple of years back . Gradually it starting evolving to something more professional as i started gaining valuable readers . The concept of a blog turned synonymous with a platform to express my views regarding anything under the sun , which is indeed a boon for any writer . Right now , the purpose of my blog is to kindle my writing skills in my journey to be an author one fine day :)

2 . If you are given an option to name a star what would you name it ? - Compassion . Let the virtue shine down on humans forever .

Mixi 's Questions:

1 . Who is your favourite person in this world ? - My brother

2 . What is your favourite genre of writing ? -  I love writing poetry , short stories and haikus . But fiction is my most favourite genre . 

Deepak's  questions :

1 . Can love happen more than once ? Yes . I have seen people falling in a love a second time after brooding for years post break up .

2 . The reason you write ? - Because words keep tugging my heartstrings to let them out .

. Matheikal Sir's Questions :

1 . The holiday destination of your dream ? Ireland for its mesmerising landscape

2 .  Whose company would you prefer if you were to be marooned in an uninhabited island for a week ? - The Lord Of The Rings book series ! I have always wanted to devour it . But the sheer volume of the book has always kept me back . With a long lonely week ahead of me , disappearing into a fantasy world would be the best thing to do , for me atleast :)

 Karan's  Questions :

1 . Your favourite trilogy ? - The Matrix movie series .

2 .  One thing you dont regret doing ? - Walking out of a shallow relationship a couple of years back even when the person threatened to tarnish my character .

. Guspazhar's  Questions :

1 .  How old would you want to be if you had a choice ? - A 3 year old . I need all the leisures of being a naughty brat , sans deadlines , who would curiously look upon the little wonders of the world as if each were a miracle .

2 . What are you procastinating this very moment ? - A long pending return call to a friend ( Now i feel bad ! )

. Akash's questions:

 1. Person you miss this moment ? A close friend who used to sit chatting with me for hours back in college . She is blessed with a baby girl now and i am ecstatic to say the least :)

2 . Which ad do you like on T.V ? - The oreo ad which featured a cute girl imitating her mother :)

And my nominees are :

1 . Ankita Singhal who blogs at A Piece I wrote :  An avid reader , her blog is enriched with literary masterpieces in the form of shortstories , poetry , book reviews and many more . 

2 . Green Speck who blogs at  Live Your Life  :  The wonder writer who happened to pen down 360 amazing posts in a matter of nine months !  A blogger friend who has always been of constant encouragement to me. Check out his blog for the splendid collection of Haikus, poems and stories . 

3 . Saurabh Chawla who blogs at Saurabh's Lounge : A budding writer whose blog deserves to be read more . Visit his space to nourish your time reading some gifted poetry . 

4 . Prasanna Rao who blogs at  Life Under Microscope :  I got acquainted with her blog through BAT and was instantly drawn to her brilliantly penned short stories . Read her and you will agree too . 

5 . Chhavi Vatwani who blogs at Sour Lemons And Tequila :  Her poetic lines are magical . Her blog contains polished , well weaved verses which points to her versatility and briliant hold on language . 

6 .  Odizzey 's blog : Again, a fellow BAT blogger who is blessed with a poetic wand which is sure to take the reader to a wonder land of her creation . Truly mesmersing her words are ! 

7 . Richi Baidwan who blogs at Richi Rich : Her words are lyrical and her stories have a freshness to its narration . Love them for the true protrayal of human emotions in all its rawness . 

8 . Me who blogs at Memoirs Of Me :   Dive into this blog to relish good literary content written in the form of stories and reviews . Me has always been a frequent visitor and an encouraging blogger friend :) .The Salt and Pepper section is a unique section to look forward to ! 

9 .  Meenakshi Malhotra who blogs at Woman n Beyond : Already bestowed with many a recognition she already has stamped her prowess in the blogging field . Her brilliantly crafted haikus should never be missed ! 

10 . Reshma who blogs at Cerebral Babble :  Her blog header is one of a kind . So is her blog . Check out her blog to explore well knit stories and haikus . Her cerebral babbles are delightful indeed ! 

11 . A dreamy Gal who blogs at  Journey Of Dreams : Her blog is the prettiest i have seen . Dont judge a book by its cover , they say . But here , you wouldnt falter even if you come to a hasty conclusion seeing her blog . The contents are impeccable in its richness too . Look out for her profound haikus and creative poetries . 

. Coming to the questions that i have prepared for my nominees :

1 . Your dream holiday destination ?
2  . Favourite movie , music band / musician , author ?
3  . Which do you prefer. scribbling on a piece of paper or typing onto a laptop?
4 .  Have any of your wishes come true ? Tell us about it
5 .  Would you like to own an apartment or a house . reason ?
6  . Favourite time of the day ?
7  . Do you have a best friend ? tell us about the wonderful qualities you like about him / her  .
8  . Any television series / movie you would watch umpteen times over ?
9  . Where would you rather spend your retired life . In your ancestral place or in your current city ?
10 . What would your Bucket list comprise of ?
11 .  Tell us about your current passions in life . 

 Thank you for reading through such a long post .  And congratulations to all the nominees !  Keep writing . Keep blogging  :) As the Indiblogger slogan goes - We blog, therefore we are !


  1. Congrats buddy ... you deserve it :-)

    And thanks a lot for such beautiful words ... keep blogging :-)

    1. I never had second thoughts on nominating you Amrit . You are an exceptional blogger . Thank you for the constant support and encouragement :) Keep reading this space

  2. Congratulations, Maliny. 9 awards and many more to come, you deserve all the adulation that comes your way. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I'm both happy and humbled.

    And sleeping with earphones on is really not a good habit to stick to.

    1. Yes i know meenakshi :) I am trying to let go of the ear phone gradually . thank you for those good words . Keep coming back for more :)

  3. thanks a lot Maliny :) keep blogging :)

    1. congratulations saurabh . You too keep writing :)

  4. WOW Maliny... 9 awards, Many congratulations, You truly deserve it. You have a way with words and your write-ups are mesmerizing...Truly
    Thanks a Lot Manily for choosing me, I am humbled... I have seen a lot of Liebster awards On display but never this beautifully.
    Keep Writing!!! :)

    1. Your comment has touched me deeply Ankita . Thank you ! Looking forward to more of your brilliant stories and write ups :)

  5. Thanks a lot Maliny for the nomination. The funny thing is got introduced to your blog through BAT too and I love the stories that you pen :)

    I'm a Piscean too and a typical one at that.

    1. High five on the piscean part :) Thankyou for reading my stories . The feeling is mutual :)

  6. I think if would have waited for few more would certainly have a dozen nominations...!!!

    Keep up with the good work...!!!

    1. hey thanks anjan . actually i really wanted to mention a few of the blogger too in my post who i read regularly . Either they were multiple leibster awardees or their reader count was more than 200 . also the links started getting meddled up after a while as i was all confused with so many blogger links to be posted in a post . You are one among those i couldnt mention . Thankyou for frequenting this space and for leaving behind wonderful comments :)

  7. It must have been a tough time to respond to so many individual's questions. I like the way you chose all...

    Perhaps, it's better to treat me as another fellow blogger. Why not leave out that suffix 'Sir'? I know my grey hairs evoke the veneration that I don't always deserve :)

    1. Its not due to the grey hairs , but due to the fact that you are a teacher . I will try to let go off the sir part , though a little reluctantly :)

  8. Congrats on your navaratna award!
    NIce post Maliny....Good to know more about you and I hope you will make it, to publish a critically acclaimed book...You totally have the things to do that :)
    Keep blogging :)

    1. Thankyou for those nice words akash . Getting published is every writer's dream i suppose :)

  9. Congratulations Maliny:) You deserve every accolade that has come your way. Loved the way you have composed the post, esp "the star named compassion" heart-warming...
    A sincere thank you for nominating me and the kind words of appreciation. It is a "I'm-on-cloud-nine" feeling seeing myself alongside the other stellar bloggers you have nominated.Thank you!!

    1. I am humbled by your comment Reshma . Your blog has become one of my favourites . Love your haikus ! Keep writing . I will be back for more :)

  10. Wow! Thank you so much Maliny! :) Although I've already received the award, I will answer all your questions once again! Yay! My second Liebster! But first of all, Wow! You're an MBBS graduate!? I never knew! And you look so young, so never suspected! Anyway, I devoured every word you wrote: knowing you is engrossing! :D

    I no longer believe in horoscopes, but when I read Linda Goodman's take on Aries, I felt exactly how you feel. Like it's my own story! I keep reading it again n again to remind myself of what I am!! One more thing I found: lengthy LOTR keeping you from reading it, and once you have a week's time you'd drown yourself in its fantasy world? Same here, Maliny, same here! I'd rather drown myself in all the fantasy worlds: LOTR, HP, GOT, etc than do anything else! All the best for your results (and with the bachelor selection) ;) !!

    1. your comment made me smile throughout Chhavi . The words seem brimming with excitement ! So we do have a lot in common ;) Thank you for reading the whole post through thoroughly and for leaving behind such a sweet comment . You deserve the second liebster absolutely . looking forward to more of your creative poems :)

  11. Heya! Congratulations on the Liebster x 9!

    Great to know so many things about you.. I am not a great follower of sunsigns, so don't know what a typical Piscean entails, but it seems creativity is one of the qualities :)

    Wishing you many more to come!

    Cheers! :)

    1. Creativity is one of the qualities as per the traits , you are right mixi :) pisceans are dreamers basically . that proves negative at times too . Thank you for the warm wishes mixi . i hope you will Keep visiting this space :)

  12. Hi, I am looking forward for the blog roll in your blog soon…don’t postpone this 
    Wow!! You are a MBBS graduate; this was a surprise for me! I thought you must be a journalist like me…!!
    We have things in common-
    1. Sleeping plugging the iPod’s earphones on
    2. Staying in Manhattan (I don’t mind forever)
    3. The movie you’ve got mail ' starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
    4. Cartoon character DeeDee of Dexter's Laboratory
    5. My brother who is my fav person

    1. i wont postpone the blogroll :) and we have so much in common ! Thankyou for sharing that with me here :)

  13. Hey Malini! Congratulations for the awards and good to know about you!! ;)

  14. Hey!! Maliny..Nine in a row. COngo!! Congo!! Congo!!.that is something exceptional..You truly deserve every bit of it..Your writings are really absorbing and words worth treasuring..
    Award coming my way and that too from a prolific writer like you thrilled me to nerves..I am humbled by your gesture..Thanks a ton for such wonderful words ..
    I know I am really lazy in commenting and replying..but please forgive me for that..
    my sister is of your sun sign..Loved knowing more about you..may all the things in your bucket list get ticked soon ..All the best..Keep writing..keep growing..
    P.S i've started drafting the post for the Liebster..

    1. I am delighted by those warm wishes ! truly made my day . Keep coming back to this space :)

  15. It was a privilege reading about you. And I liked how you converted a bouquet into a fragrant flower.

    Matrix is my favourite too but the sequels were not up to the mark. And I hate pretenders and fake-people with all my heart.

    1. such a nice comment coming from you is indeed heart warming . I too feel matrix sequels werent as good as the first . Yet , it still remains my fav trilogy :)

  16. It's always a pleasure reading your blog, Maliny! Congratulations and well written once again!

    1. Its always a pleasure to hear such good comments ! thank you :)

  17. Thanks Maliny :):) And Congratulations :):) You are a dancing medical student, I didn't knew :P

    And thanks for the sweet intro (rather praises ;))Will take it up with all grace:)

    1. I meant every word i said :) Thankyou for the warm wishes . keep writing :)

  18. Congrats maliny..Although u deserve something more now. I admire ur write ups

    1. I am humbled by your words Neo . Thankyou :)

  19. wow.. that was so much about you.. can imagine you spending time selecting questions and answering them.. and now I know how brave you are .. #shallow-relationship... glad to know that it ended early

  20. Congratulations Maliny:)

    A truly well deserved award, cheers!

    It was a pleasure knowing you through your answers <3

    And thank you soooo much for presenting it to me.... will take it up soon.

  21. hello,
    just read this and i am glad to meet a doctor blogger, im also awaiting NEET results...and coincidence "bharatnatyam" :P linda goodman is in such a pathetic state especially the sagi section coz i have read it more than harrison...:)
    keep writing...and sorry for late comments.

  22. Oh great Ratika ! I am glad myself to know that we are on the same boat :) The NEET people are slogging right ?! They better come up with something good after all this wait ! ;) And yes , we do have a lot in common . Had read your liebster account :) Thank you for dropping by . Will definitely keep visiting you :)


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