Saturday, February 16

The Facade

In the air dwells her celebrity history ; 
Her subtle emotions , though forever a mystery 
Charm exudes in each elegant move
Wand weaving dreams , her suave she did prove  .

Thick eyelashes equate a million wonders
Like any other girl , in solitude she ponders .
Basked by the limelight , she continued her pretense
Not many knew , that her thoughts dabbled in goodness . 

Tracing her trails , they tortured her further
Spying her days , they continued to bother 
Deep treasured secrets, something so well kept ;
Unmasked to public , sans honour or respect .

Murmers of her heart echoed in green room ;
Wails , smiles , in journals did those loom .
They never wrote about her intricate feelings ,
Bothered never they to peek behind the facades.

Unspoken miseries still continue to linger ;
Her sculptured beauty , the sole thing to remember.
Hiding beneath those wonderful blue eyes ,
She continues to enchant , with everlasting poise .


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  1. just awwwwwesome :). Nicely portrayed.

    1. Thanks a lot Himadri ! Welcome to this space :)

  2. Thank you for the constant encouragement :)

  3. Yes, that face was indeed a facade; so many mysteries lay beneath as Monalisa's smile concealed many.

    Nice poem.

    1. Truly said sir . The poem stresses on the inner self of a celebrity which remains hidden from limelights and red carpets . Thank you for coming over to this space sir :)

  4. Even a look can be made up so's really is an awesome creative poetry.

    1. Even that picture speaks a thousand words isnt . Thankyou for agreeing anjan :)

  5. very very nice ! Stardom facts defined in few lines :) amazing !

  6. brilliant writing Maliny! we only remember her sculptured beauty.

    1. True Deb ! Nice to see you agree . Thank you for reading the post . Come back for more :)


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