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Guest Article For Glad2bawoman

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" There resided in my home ,  a petite and dainty young girl , who used to be her mother’s darling – the apple of her eye .  The girl was every teeny bit a mother’s wistful dream – obedient , disciplined , soft spoken , academically oriented and well groomed . The mother would embark on a floating cloud of heaven when the little girl came first in her class or when she sat snuggling to her every evening chattering about the day’s events , disclosing to her the many well guarded secrets one by one .  The bright lit sunny evenings were better spent basking in the pleasures of an oil massage , after which the mother would retreat to the kitchen to prepare her daughter’s favourite dishes . So overwhelmed by contentment the mother would become when the little girl brushed the  long wavy charm of her locks , slow and with care , as if her whole wonder world resided in those jet black strands .

Past high school , the girl brought fame and fervour to her family through her exam results and her mother found herself encaged by an enticing bubble of emotional satiety . Unfortunately , the bubble was not to last too long . The girl , now all of 18 ,  commenced her college life , carrying with her a baggage enriched with colourful dreams and hopes for an exciting journey ahead . "

I am not yet married , let alone being a parent . Yet , the thick veneer of arrogance and brashness that used to dominate my college days has started crumbling to dried bits , thanks to the revelations that hit me hard over these years . I have contributed a guest article to the Glad 2 b woman website delving deeper into the topic . To read the rest of the article do visit the Glad2bawoman webpage which can be reached at  My Guest Article . I had to trim the article shorter than i had intended to write . Also minute typos remain hidden at a couple of places . Kindly ignore those and leave behind your valuable comments , which would mean a lot .  

Many thanks to the Glad2bawoman team for having requested this guest article from me :) 



  1. M surely gonna read... Congrats Maliny

  2. Beautiful, Maliny! It is not about you alone, we all pass through that phase with a assumed halo around our heads. It is only after we taste the bitter pills that we realize the that our parents always had our utmost good in their hearts. Thanks God,unlike those 'charred friends', parents are always there to fall back on, however and howmuch we err.

    1. So beautifully summarised meenakshi . Its when adversities hit you and throw you down that you realise the truth that your family is the one hay to grab onto . I feel so happy that you shared your opinion here in detail :) Thankyou for reading the whole post . .

  3. Maliny...let me first congratulate you for your guest post...and the secondly for the incredible content of the story... the points you highlighted is not confined to only a particular set of people but to the entire gender...awesome post...!!!

    1. I should thank you for having requested the guest article from me on behalf of the glad2bawoman team :) I am delighted to hear such good appreciation from you concerning the article . Once again thankyou ! :)

  4. Congrats and very well written!


  5. Hi Maliny,

    Congratulations on your guest blog post. :)

    Indeed, once a child makes a transition from school to college life, that is when reality starts to dawn upon them. Things start changing and the people in their circle, too, start changing.

    Loved reading this article. Keep up the good work, waiting for more insightful content from your end :)


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  6. Insightful post Maliny, all of us pass through that period of rebellion I guess, only the severity varies... Thank God for having a family we can fall back on, not everyone is that lucky...I'm missing all those chat session I had with mom now after marriage though skype does provide some consolation...


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