Thursday, November 10

A Wave Of Hope

Give me the privilege of a wish ;
No one knows my mind is in a swish ..

Give me a sunny day , a cozy night;

Oh ! When was the last time the hours felt light ?

This too shall pass , i have heard them say

Holding onto it seems hard , however much I try. .

Not easy to let it go , I know ;

But wait ! dont let your spirit sink low!

The next second might bring you smile,

Might just be the sweet trick of God all the while . .

So hope hope in times of low ;

The best is in store , we never know ! :)

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  1. Seriously, we never know...Lovely poem:)

  2. Nice Poem.

    //The best is in store , we never know ! :)

    your blog is best.

  3. thanku avargal :) u motivate me with your words . .

  4. Indeed, the best is in store, we never know :)
    Good one.

  5. Wonderful poem, brimming with positive thoughts!!


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