Friday, December 9

November In My Mirror . .

                                                        Having nurtured the unworthy habit of losing the spark midway through a venture, i stumbled upon this decision during one of my day dreaming ( contemplative if i put it sophisticatively ! ) sessions.  Yes, without a tad of doubt or dilemma i can state right on that writing is one of my utmost passions . . the rest being my profession, music , dance, reading, journeys, adventure to pick the ardent ones that keep my heart pumping with all its energy , exhilaration and enthusiasm .

Coming back to the whole point behind this post ; so as not to let this passion slip away or burn out from me , i have made up my mind to jot down the events or rather the titbits that scurried past through my days in any particular month . Atleast that way i would come up with a minimum of one post a month . Sounds good right ? But then the subtle details that coloured my days would be disclosed only if my heart yields to the same which in any way cant be promised . 

                                                        November - the month which drenches in the heavy downpours . . the month when days are at their cozy , serene best . . the month when the breeze blows past you leaving a blush on your cheek , a ruffle on your hair and an enriching moment in the depths of your mind . true to the metaphor , the month saw my days pouring all through the day . . all through the night . days started growing heavy so much so that it was like i was left with no option but to let the whole burden out through my eyes helplessly. If anything could be scarier than the days then that was the lonely nights i had to wait and wait with a whimper to slip into a slumber . 
                                                           Misery can be devastating, it can kill you inside out. it can mutilate your mind, heart and soul. it can leave you high and dry amidst a crowd of happy , loving people with a wound so deep and swollen , that it throbs achingly each time the thought causing its inception cross your mind. 

                                                   One silver lining among the myriads of memories lying scattered is the much awaited , much celebrated trip to mumbai . I should admit without even a meagre doubt that , the journey to mumbai, the days spent there, the presence of the dear ones who made the whole trip exceptional , changed my state of mind for the better to a little extent .


                                                     There was this contest running in the indiblogger, a blogging site for over a month now . . surf excel matic contest . I did partake in it and came up with a post . The posts which manage to grab the first three slots would be grazed with an apple ipad 2 . . Sexy isnt ;). Now that was one cherry topping on the otherwise smashed cake .  Awaiting the results due next week eagerly 

* The book i managed to read : Burial at sea by Khushwant singh . Onto The shadow lines by Amitav ghosh

*  The songs i was addicted to : Call it what you want by Foster the people 
                                                 Someone like you by Adele 
                                                 Paradise by Coldplay  
                                                 We found love by Rihanna 
                                                 Jazba from Ladies vs ricky bahl . 
                                                 Sadda haq , Tum ho ank katiya karoon from Rockstar 

* Lyrics that touched me :  1 ) When you are gone by Avril 
                                                        2 ) This is your life by Switchfoot
                                                        3 ) In the shadows by Rasmus
                                                        4 ) Tum ho from Rockstar

* One movie i watched :  The adventures of tin tin . So so so wanted to watch rockstar unfortunate enough i couldnt :(  2 ) Dil chahta hai ( for the hundredth time ) , 3 ) The ugly truth ( sexy :P )  4 ) Three idiots

* One quote which attracted my thought field : Courage doesnt always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ' i will try again tomorrow '

* One thought that soothed me : I am a believer of the Almighty who is my greatest strenght. they say miracles happen to those who believe in it ; yes my faith in God has brought me miracles which leave me in awe in retrospect ! and yes ,  i have promised myself never to break the string that connects me to Him.

* The decision : 1 ) To study hard , real hard so that i would end up pursuing a surgical speciality . if not this year , then definitely next year .
                      2 ) To keep my friends close to my heart and to never ever let them disappear from my life . Infact , this revelation hit me strong and hard one day, thanks to my bitter experiences, that friendship is one of the most precious of the bonds that could provide pretty much a share of your salvation . And like in any relation , whatever you name, its really important that sometimes you need to reach out to the other person more than he or she tries to. Trash your ego forever ; it lends nothing but a negative spark to the relation leaving you in flames. 

                                With a few dedicated to the core people around me , i feel myself blessed to say the least ! love you shabna, safi , k.v , dheeraj, sukita, amrin , niyasikka , mathew  and the special ones - jinu sir and my darling brother . love you all for making my haven a paradise :)) 

* The happiness : Mumbai trip and You

* The sadness :  You ( ironical indeed )

* I shopped for :   Four tees , a pair of blue jeans , two handbags , two pairs of footwear

                                                Well, that some way or the other sums up my November. eventful or not i say the days taught me lot , wounded me lot , tickled me to laughter to the core though it happened rarely leaving me with a bundle of multiflavoured memories to be carried onto the next month - December .


  1. dont watch me....i didnt find it that good..just watched it dragged a lot...
    and best of luck for u getting into surgery......i am sure success will kiss ur feet if you really put ur mind into it.....:-)

  2. thanks a lot for grazing my post rahul . . your words sure made my day :) yes hard work is the key to success . .

  3. Misery is but a state of mind, why let it mess your life?

    And Shadow Lines is a special book, I can read it n number of times.

  4. nice way to keep writing atleast one post a month...but I hope that you will keep writing many more than that.....
    and the misery thing is the wonderful portrayal of the state of mind...everyone has to go through it sometime or other time..may be personally for me it may be now.....

    all the best for your passion...!!!!

  5. @ purba ma'm : yes ma'm . . its just a state of mind..but then we definitely nedd a happy, state of mind to keep going right.., however hard we try sometimes life has to pause to let the turmoil out . . thanx alot for visiting my blog ..i admire you a lot :)

  6. @ anjaan : thanks a ton . . i have started reading your blog and will definitely come for more.. :)

  7. Really commendable post. Loved it. The range of emotions you have displayed from studying hard and doing well in your career to a very moving thought on misery. Acknowledging the people who really matter to you in your life. And like you, one thing I also value the most, Friendship. :)

    Great post!

  8. thank you akshay...u have always been a constant motivator . . :)

  9. Maliny,

    I am Happy to nominate you for this award

    Please check out


  11. Nice poem, its remind me of GNR' song entitled "November Rain".


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