Friday, December 30

Musings . . .

                                            The answer evades itself . . It presents more or less like a blurred mirage every time the deepest recesses of her mind poke at her the query - Why do you hope this hard ?! 

                                        She was reluctant to ponder deep on those implicit ones . . .because  She didnt know for sure the answer . . . or she is scared that her reasoning might let her down, reveal to her the stark reality looming playfully teasing her.  . . Which she chose to ignore otherwise wistfully . . . 

                                            The heart preaches - Hope everytime climaxes with a sunshine at the end of the tunnel ,the tunnel being the long dreary hours you drag wishing something . . dreaming for something . . . toiling for something . . . praying for something . .  Something purely precious .

                                         The head retorts -Try to think with sense dear . Doesnot hope stretch the whining period a tad bit long ? Especially when the situation presents such that you seem to have absolutely no control over the turn of events ? . . . Yes hope kills . . It has been busy strenghthening the basement of your defeat all the way . . The moment the despondent mind let herself adsorb this fact , it would be too late . . . Its always too late . . She thought . . .

                                         A shut door is believed to be  the pointer to an even promising doorway . We muster every ounce of courage dwelling though scanty in our bereft minds to run miles away from the dark alley . . Only to glance bak longingly at d closed door , wishing it would open . . Open wide just for us one day to leave us breathless in awe n joy . . Sad that mostly it never happens . .And  even worse when tht special sumthng wich ruled our lyf at one pt of tym ceases to matter nymore just like that , blame the healing power of time . . Or should we thank it ? We can brave the odds . . Or swear the Gods . . Either way destiny lies awaiting us sumwhere . . 

                                           The whims and fancies of her dreamy life has always pricked her back . . .For she was foolish enough to swim with the enchanting tide . . Only to realise ultimately that she has been smashed against the rock . .Was it worthy relishing the journey so promisingly mesmerising , when you gained simply torture and nothing else from the same in the end , let alone happiness ?  Her mind is testing her today , way too much . Yes it has always played the part of a modulator in her pain ! She sweared .

                                        But then only to pull you up from the ashes my friend . . . It whispered .But she didnt hear those powerful words . . . The turmoil of her inside was so shadowed with deperation that it made her deaf . . A tear drop smudged her black kohl . . . Another rolled down to her trembling lips . . The tears would flow all night drenching her pillow . . She would slide into a slumber sometime into the night. . Unaware . . 
                                      And like the clear blue sky shining with gust after a heavy downpour ,she would wake up from her sleep to welcome the day . . The quibbles would retreat to the recesses . . For its time to smile now . . .She goes on. . . knowing the brighter moment would hardly last . . 

                                    But for all the melancholy hours, for all the tumbling dreams , sure she deserves atleast that much isnt ? 


  1. beautiful! hope the new year test you less.
    p.s. did you really mean deperation or was it desperation?

  2. Wow! That is so deep. Beautifully crafted emotions. Hope the new year brings more smiles than tears. Happy New Year :)

  3. Very nicely penned! Happy New Year..

  4. Have a great year ahead !

  5. You wrote what and how I feel at times. Quite powerful. Love the choice of words.

  6. you are thinking too much.. be in the present moment. :)


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