Friday, April 15

The Speck Of You And I . . .

    The blink of that lovely moment
    When you smiled at me oh so soft . . .

    Things so passionate when shortlived and sweet ;
    Leave you lost , that you wonder all night . .

    Tossle it in my mind's depth do i ,
    In search of the loveliest speck of you and i . . .

    Dawns in me the truth each and every time ;
    That every other speck shines bright like rays of sun . .

    Jingling through my days vying with the sweetest chimes ;
    Drizzling through my moments like year's very first rain . .

    Waiting for those eyes am i right now . . 
    Holding close to my heart day in and day out .

    Searching for your charm am i tiring not . . 
    The dewdrop thats you in every twilight . . . 


  1. I would have to write 700 words to convey the emotions that u did in less than 200 words and even then i would not come close to you..well done


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