Tuesday, September 21

A Miracle . . . The Alchemist Way ! ;)

     Lemme begin with an awe inspiring scene from my biopic . stating the fact that it might be so , just for me,  for the fact that i am not planning to disclose each single detail or for that matter specify them to simply as they are :p . okie ..i happen to be someone who is blessed with a thought field where you see signposts written ' time for an impulsive thought ' emerging now and then.

needless to say , given that the circumstances are agreeing and seemingly flawless , chances are extreme that i would act on it right away. i mean many would i guess . no big deal . emerging victorious or not should be stressed on an entirely different note though for i should admit i have had my pitfalls. well its part of the game i guess. now what i just said is one course those signposts carry me through. 
the second one ? well i plan . . i dissect . . i scrape the veneer till i come up with the crux of the thought so that it looks promising enough for me to move it forward , however impulsive and impossible it might seem. 

now , one fine day , my mind was taking a pretty enticing , pleasurable stroll when something struck me hard. it was more of a need , a prayer , a wish which i knew would indeed come true if i could put some effort into it. and so also i very much wanted to move forward with it. and before i knew it changed forms to that of a yearning . i sat down and tried to chalk out a plan. it failed. okie....a second one . ... a third one . ....... it was like all the plans were hitting the same wall. 

[ lemme take this venue to state a fact that , as a responsible social being ..we are not just flanked , but caged by certain rules. and though as the harsher the rule gets .. the more exciting it gets to break them... sometimes the consequences of the act turns out to be even worse than the rule itself that we give in helplessly. ]

and there i was caught between the fulfillment of my prayer and d beastly do's and  dont's !  


    It was my ex roomie plus dear friend's marriage at Edappally. i was travelling alone by train to a place completely alien to me. bt neverthe less i was elated. train journeys and something out of the ordinary never fails to pump me up.
i had to lie to my dad that my friends would be at the railway station to pick me up, when actually they couldnt for some reasons,  lest i should miss the wedding.  i realised soon that it was no cake walk to tread the lie ! but i managed somehow for the strong reason that i couldnt afford the thought of missing the function at any cost.

i was asked to get down at a place where my friends would be waiting to pick me up. atleast the picking up part was a truth ! :P

and there, least expected .. and that too of all places in Edappally, that day a scene which i would never have deduced otherwise took form. i found my wish which i was yearning for day and night coming to life. and no , i didnt search for an opportunity then and there.......neither did the opportunity  knock at  my door. .... .rather it barged in .. searched me out and pulled me towards fulfilling my wish !! needless to say i was speechless ! and i found my senses going blind with joy and gratitude !!

Gratitude to whom ??

God ? ofcourse it was. something which comes without say as far as i am concerned.

universe ? for conspiring all the energy into making my dream come true as the Alchemist concept goes ?  this small piece of wisdom sure carries with it the implicit meaning that if we yearn for something that deep , we would definitely strive for it and the universe conspires to be of aid to us in whatever ways possible. so the question comes as..you may ask me whether i happened to put any effort  to deserve the blossoming of my wish then and there ? No i didnt .. i had no plans of the sort that day!  but as i said i did strive for the same to happen over the days though each effort met  with utter failure and i was planning thereafter also. 

so what am i to make of this incident ?  i would like to extract a nugget with all conviction.

..To dream hard holding your desires close to your heart. . to strive for it . . you will be rewarded . . someday or the other . . in some form or the other .  sometimes offering you a surprise as a bonus when you least expect it ! ..

  A cliche it may seem right ? :) But let me stress it with absolute belief that . . 

sometimes it does not take much to GRASP such concepts but it takes such miraculous experiences to TRUST them whole heartedly !!

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