Saturday, August 25

Chase The Fire

To walk the path lighted by them , they command ,
Fate deceives fantasy , the proclaimed rule they herald . 
But wait , look inside me for once i plead strong and hard , 
Elusive were they , in all ways blinded and bland .

The fire inside me was burning brighter and stronger
To follow which seemed the sole meaningful thing ever .
I listened , amused to realise my heart knows me better ,
Liberated from the chains i ran , no doubts , no more worthless fear !

Cowards laughed , i dont remember their names , never bothered . 
Prodding the cold damp path , i shiver , at times devastated 
The flames of my dreams kept me warm , each time focussed 
Quenching my thirst and hunger , but still, more every time i demanded ! 

Today , i smile at the blossoms dancing in my garden , what a lovely May !
To the envious eyes of the neighbours who chose to stride the convenient way 
Your heart speaks a language , the many secrets to keep you gay 
Listen , regret would you never , but sure would shine the brightest  in its ray !


  1. well well hope lesson learnt :)

    and sure would SHINE for sure


  2. beautiful poem.. what lovely lines.. i loved it.. keep writing dear..

  3. Despair and hope! Thoughtful lines:-)


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