Friday, April 23

Glow stronger in the Dark :)

 Blank - Lost - Lacklustre - Depressed. The much dreaded sequence of symptoms of a lost mind. No, this isnt some psychiatrists angle of its me the human mind jotting down my purview.

 Does it come as a surprise when i say everyone has problems ?

Does it seem improbable when i say problems are seamless ?

Does it sound shocking when i say, there is a bit of insanity in everyone ?

I have many a times come face to face with this particular scenario -
 Like when i am through a very troubling situation, which has been bogging me down for sometime, and when i indulge in rejoicing at the finishing point, what awaits me at the turn around would be yet another cascade of mishaps ! The situation sounds familiar of what !

 There is yet another scenario - The lackadaisical days !. I am dubious here. Can a person look gorgeous 24 hrs a day. Doesnt the physical appearance get tarnished by the heat and gales of the day ? And so also, why would it be any different for the inner beauty ? Given that the gales and heat of the inside happens to be million times stronger and nevertheless incapacitating let alone making you blank.

There is a solution to every problem they say. A statement which is IMPECCABLE !! Sadly many a times we realise this on retrospection. When hit with a problem a human being if you are one take a while to let it sink. Even thou the duration varies. While some people beat the dust ! But i came across this quote on my bro's fb page that

'The glory is in coming back after you have been struck down to your knees !! '
Many just wouldnt pay heed to this. Coz they are so just prejudiced about themselves ! So determined in holding onto their belief however destructive thy happen to be.

Giving rest to your mind when you feel dejected, passive or even disinterested can help.
Asking yourself the source of the problem can have yourself end up with an answer 99 per.
Take one step at a time. Small drops ultimately make the ocean. And slow and steady sure wins the race.

Lemme add a saying which my just senior batch scribbled on our corridor wall before leaving the hostel -
' If you think you can or think you cant , you are right '!

My conclusion is to go ahead and do what you feel like doing. What you feel like doing must be actually what you are supposed to be doing ! ( theory not advised if you are planning to be harmful to others even thou it can be true in that case also ! )

There has been times when i'v found myself caught in the middle. Bt then i realised two or three days of inactivity isnt the end of life ! It will be the end of life, if the two days see your mind active in stuffing you with negative thoughts. Even two days of zero traffick as far as your mind is concerned isnt a big deal. It even can end up positive for it can be the serenity preceeding the exuberance ;)

Last , but most importantly, keep doing something or the other with the faith that it cant be that bad a situation afteral ! For all these years life has shown you tht

' Everything passes, somehow or the other ' !!


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