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         I can visualise a lot many lips whispering NO to this question. why saying about others..i find my very own lips hung between YES and NO. Like it used to do puzzled when my teachers threw at me the so called 'intelligent' tricky questions which make me feel like nodding yes and no at the same time ! okay , lemme try make the question simpler by dissecting it into the myriads of minute albeit heavy questions it carry. guess that would atleast lemme nod positive for some and negative  for the rest.

      I was watching this movie where one seemingly philosophical character was kinda making a neat effort to classify BASIC Emotions. ( read the word basics in quotes )  and i must say i found it pretty decent given the task is herculean ! well here goes that classification :
   1 ) HATE
   2 ) GUILT
  3 ) SHAME
  5 ) LOVE

      Considering the celebrity status the word Love receives now a days and it received  the centuries past and still to receive in  the centuries to come, it seems the word Feeling is some what synonymous with Love. i wonder why he listed the word towards the end ! guess the word is the heavier of the lot !

      Nonetheless i found the whole idea quite riveting. and plunging in did i do and here are the excerpts from the interview i had one on one with my brain. read the word MY on quotes for my brain is entirely my asset and your's is entirely your's. lets not allow  the opinions of the two get muddled up and create a mess ;)
      1 ) HATE :
                            Do you still hate someone who happened to do something to you which irrevocably damaged your dignity ? wait lemme ask my brain ; its thinking long, hard and back in time !  For there was one incident in my life when for the silliest of the reason, someone leashed out a ' LEMME RUIN YOUR PRIDE ' war against me. lets name the person KALA BANDER !. [ no offence ! someone helped me chose the right word for this person at that time :) ] yup, coming back , needless to say kalabander ended up successful and i found the beautiful world around me stinking in his bad breath !! and HOW i hated the person who let out a wave of repressive air against me then ! well do i hate the person now ?? quite shocking ! for my brain is nodding transversely ! I cant help asking myself..Am i a dork ?! or am i the perfect example of the people who have the likes of MOTHER EARTH ?! i am still in search of an enlightment on the same. doubtful though ! anyways i should say  the word HATE holds a meaning transient for me.

      2 ) REVENGE :
                             I believe revenge is one emotion which makes you end up as the mirror image of the same force which instilLed the emotion in you. and the positive counterpart of the same is LOVE :) . And Somehow i was never magnanimous enough to make someone pay for their senselessness and there by transform them or whatever . maybe for the same reason i am one  creature who shouts a big NO against death sentence ! Gandhian ? sharing the likes of JESUS ? seems DIPLOMATIC would be the word . To my horror i find myself trying to reason their state of mind which made them do something 'HEINOUS' to me rather than pity myself . weird huh ! .Heard FORGIVENESS IS DIVINE !! whatever.

                                               Has it ever occured to you that you find yourself  think out loud recollecting incidents from your life that ' shit ! i shouldnt have said that ! ' ? i have. and i still feel terrible every time the words i must have blurted out in a trance give me pangs of guilt. i have hurt a few in my life so far and praying hard not to have the count rising. for i know for sure i am gonna live with the wounds of guilt which seem even deeper than those i made.
    The same applies to SHAME too and sadly these get a transverse nod from me :(

    4 ) LOVE :
                             Last but not the least, the most happening word of the universe ! like and love are not the same right ? love holds a deeper meaning. its addictive but at the same time makes you dependant. when you like something you never end up dependant . ya  maybe it can end up habitual. but never do you feel pain for long  when you part with the same. guess CRUSH fits perfectly in that slot!

                             Is there something called EVERGREEN LOVE ? Can you love someone  a lifetime and maybe for seven life times as die hard romantics put it ?! being one myself i say YES ! Just that its quite a phenomenon which demands the confluence of many pieces put together.
                             A ) both minds put together
                             B )  circumstances
                             C ) commitment
                             D ) less alluring faces around you :P [ kidding ok ! strike it ;) ]
                             E ) and the most difficult of the lot - the reason for existence itself - ALMIGHTY ! ( Atheist can afford to omit this one ! )
                              And even if your are unfortunate to be in the juncture of these , you still can love someone forever through the so called double edged wonder - memories :)

                              So is LOVE transient ?? i must say it takes three course

                           : If you are the person who lost someone dear, then love is forever and so is pain

                           : On the other hand if you are the one who left someone who was dear, then also believe it or not love is forever just that  whenever it peeks out in your lone hours it gets masked by the darker one called Guilt.

                            : And if your someone blessed enough to share your lifetime with the person you love, then needless to say love is forever !  ( lemme say my brain has kinda come to the conclusion that love goes past the stage of crush to commitment and beyond that which  definitely is the result of the factors  mentioned above ).

                            So it seems LOVE for me  is not transient but   TRANSGRESSING :) :)


  1. Wonderful ! LOVE for me is not transient but TRANSGRESSING :D

  2. Love!

    That exotic thing, pretty hard to find in this non-ideal, dystopian world!

    Can love be called, true, when it is intertwined by the "self"???

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  3. truly points to ponder! Liked the ideas and the way the message is transfered.
    ~Keep the spark alive~
    Cheers LIFE

  4. lovely thought.....frm ur post it seems as if 4 u some luv is in air.............god bless

  5. wel nice post n u described revenge best.. :)

    do stop by http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=28218
    ur feedback awaited, n promote it if u feel so... :)

  6. Its fascinating, the way you think :-)
    I think every feeling is transient, atleast in intensity..guilt, shame, revenge,or even the powerful ones of the lot-hate and love- they are all vulnerable to change with time, even if we do nothing about it. And anything that varies with time without any active intervention or conscious effort has to termed 'transient'..!
    Extremes of 'basic' feelings always vary..like -'in love' feeling is transient, but maybe not 'love' as such...'hatred' maybe transient, but maybe the 'dislike' might stay.. !! :)
    loved this post :-) deeep :-)


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