Thursday, February 3

About Me

                            Maliny Mohan is a doctor who resorts to appeasing her passion to write during her leisure times. She was born and brought up in Kerala, where she spent her summer days in the exhilirating company of her friends and luscious greenery. She has contributed to a short story anthology, titled 'Love and other enchantments', brought out by a group of five authors - The Fictitious Five and another titled ' Colors- Different shades of love'. An avid blogger and an ardent admirer of subtleties,her dream of becoming an author sprouted wings in the pages of her blog. A piscean by birth, she is passionate and strives hard to listen to her heart, every time it beats out of sync. Her tales mirror her eye for beauty in its varied forms, sometimes resplendent with the most vibrant of hues and at other times poignant, enriched with subdued shades of grey and black. Apart from being passionate about writing, she is also a trained dancer, lover of solitude, bibliophile, tea-lover and an amateur poet. In this blog, she dabbles mostly in short stories, poems and book reviews.
                                        Go through the pages and do leave in your opinions and criticisms . And do come back for more if  you find this space worthy of your time :)                                                                  


  1. Hi, I am Thewhitescape, author of blog "One head many hats…One life many stories" & I hereby Nominate your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. For more details kindly refer to Liebster Blog Award post at, Await your comments, Thanks!! :)

  2. thanks a ton ! sure made my day :)


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