Wednesday, January 16

Satin Secret !

9.00 A.M

  Entered Prof Maya for the one session we dreaded ,
        Turning to the board , muttering something she scribbled
The air so vapid , on a paper with my pen i doodled 
             Some yawned , some snored , yes the transition was rapid !  

                       Reclining back on my chair , i glanced proudly at the the picture of a black swan i managed to doodle during the class . Darkening the shade with a black Pinpoint pen , i checked on Sreya , who sat beside me , her eyes immersed on the last few pages of Kane And Abel , but her right hand scribbling some undeciphered language on her notebook . I couldnt let out a chuckle watching her clever ploy to evade Prof Maya's  frequent furtive glances . Bending my shoulder slowly to her chair , i nudged her with my arm , with an intention to share my art without drawing Prof . Maya's attention . 

 " Ouchh ! " 

              The Girl who sat snoring on the chair next to Sreya snapped open from her nap , ( rather a slumber !) .

What just happened ? , enquired Prof Maya
An ant bit me , lied my dear friend Sreya
In haste to finish her class , she said , “ Alright “
Sreya stared at me , certain ! something wasn’t right !

“ What is the matter ? “ . I pried concerned .
“ Your arm hurt me ! “ . Sreya exclaimed in hushed tones .

                   Left in a dilemma , because i had had my arm hair removed just a week back , I made a mental note to discuss it with her after the class .

10 .00 a.m

                   Clamour erupted when Prof .Maya walked out  , like the suppressed air forcing outside from a soda . Snatching my bag , I scampered past the celebrating girls to join Sreya , who was already halfway to the auditorium . Today was the day , the dance group from their class was supposed to perform infront of the college panel . The ultimate decision as to which group would grab the opportunity to perform at the intercollegiate fest lay on the hands of those at the helm . We joined the rest of the group , retreated to the backstage and started changing into the dance costume .  With the song to which we were dancing being a western one , the costume was chosen to be a tank top and black laced knee length pants .

  “ Hurry up Riya ! We are to be onstage in 20 minutes . ! “

                     I looked up at Sreya , not quite hiding the sullen look on my face .

“  I wish i had opted for my hair removal at the parlour yesterday instead of a haircut . I forgot to deal with my legs last week when i rushed through my arms with an old razor of mine . Maybe thats why my arm hurt you when i brushed it against you today ! All pricky and weathered . That crude 'contraption' transformed my skin into something awful !. Forget that . What about my legs ?! What am I to do now ? Do I have time to rush back to the hostel and return ? “ . Throwing a guilty face , I looked at Sreya .

“ No , you don’t . Do one thing . Here take this razor . I bought it yesterday , but left it in my bag absent mindedly . Make it fast ok , Riya . This performance is really important , you know right “ . She threw a small blue razor at me , still unused , with a kind smile that friends pass each other when in need .  In a few quick smooth strokes my legs were left shiny and smooth in a matter of less than 5 minutes . It dawned on me after the process that i did manage to manoeuvre the little wonder of a razor around my ankles too in a swerve !  

12 .00  p.m

                   The results were declared . Our team made it to the final list ! Joy knew no boundaries . We decided to bunk the afternoon classes and headed to the city  to celebrate the good news .

After two days

               Life was too hectic the past two days ,with our room packed with batchmates helping us out with the dance steps . It was that evening sometime that the incident during Prof Maya’s class resurfaced in my mind .

               While snacking with Sreya at the coffee house that evening , I let the topic spring up .

“ Hey Sreya , just touch my arm now. Does it hurt ? “

              Sreya , pretended to be terrified , but laughed and scrolled her finger across my arm after that . ‘ Oh my God , how did this happen ?! Its soft !‘. She almost shrieked in my ears . “ You used my razor on your arms , didn’t you ? “ . She quipped excitedly .

“ Yes I did . “  I said that and giggled .

 Oh dear , what have we got here ,
   A girl with pricky skin and fussy hair
   Bruised by her skin , her boyfriend worried ;
   Hurt by her arms , her best friend sweared.

   A little blue marvel turned her life around !
   GILLETTE SATIN CARE , the name so profound
   With a skin so soft , her boyfriend beamed
   Smiling at her , her best friend winked . 

   Life turned happy , one smooth soft ride
   To think wise and right is all you need “

                  I could almost imagine her singing this in her mind when she winked at me from across the table . With the relief that a problem which kept poking me for an immediate action found solution , i sipped on my coffee happily.

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