Monday, January 28

Fearless - Micro Fiction

  Brushing away the bead of sweat trickling onto her parched lips , Lathika continued to plunge the axe forcefully onto the log 

“ Sita , bring me a glass of water “ , the landlord called out to Lathika’s daughter, his tone urgent  . Discarding her chore , Sita rushed inside 

 Carrying the heavy logs on her head, Lathika slogged to the kitchen .


  “ Maaa “ , the blood curdling shriek of her daughter deafened Lathika’s ears !  . Frantically, she ran, jostling furnitures on her way. The gruesome sight of the landlord trampling her half naked daughter pierced her senses.

   Bright red drops of blood masked Lathika’s expression, as the man slumped onto the bed . Throwing the axe away, she cocooned her daughter in her arms.


   By Maliny Mohan

P.S : This is my 100th post on this blog ! :)

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