Friday, September 4


There comes a day, as the body's work cycle makes a complete circle, when you start having that irksome feeling of drive draining from your body. And by drive here I mean the command of your inner diligent self that inspires you to put forward your best effort in whatever you do.
Losing it is not worthless, nor should it sound tardy, for once in a while it would be the best sidetrack you take to reach your milestone the earliest, for it serves you good, like how that annoying yet precious few seconds of halt to recondition serves a racing car. And so also,if ever a dream, as creative as the way it could be conjured in your heart, keeps ticking relentlessly, nagging you at the back of your heart, stealing your concentration away from everything you try to dissolve yourself in, consider it deserving enough to be fulfilled.
Let us pause to ponder on our way. Maybe look inside ourselves for a change. Let us ask questions once in a while. Like, 'Is there something missing in our lives?'

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