Wednesday, September 2

To Life!

Moving across the cacophonous lives of people displayed on the medium, I take a minute to adsorb in the many vagaries of life. In the frantic hurry to grab limelights, nurturing an implicit intention to be noticed in the crowd, aren't we knowingly or unknowingly forgetting the truest joys of mankind? To be appreciated is anyone's secret desire and it comes without say that there is indeed no harm in it. But, have you ever wondered that, perhaps, there exists an invisible fine line between a desire and greed?

 Hasn't ever the thought crossed your mind that sitting across your confidant in a cosy realm, laughing heartily at each other's whims and fantasies - sharing a richly flavoured delicacy amidst the chatter and banter of the world around, oblivious to the judging eyes glued to you, as the sun paints golden lines on your delighted face, an exemplary imprint of your mind, sinking deeper into the moment whole heartedly,sans a half boiled idea erupting in one of its hidden recesses about the perfect title to go with the photo album, soon to be uploaded as a memoir of the rendezvous- would have been a more refreshing deed than the hours of scanning the figments of a stranger's happy moments displayed pompously on the shining monitor, only to leave you eventually with sore eyes, an excruciating headache and much importantly, a drained life? 

We have been dragged into a wonderland and as we rightly know, it lacks the lustre and glee of togetherness, the freshness of a warm hug, the excitement of a spontaneous picnic, the innocence in the naughty acts of a bored 4 year old and the resplendence in the happy moments spent chatting together in the living room, after a calm, comfortable late night dinner. 

Needless to say, we are trapped, sans rescue. Larger and more massive the opportunities opened wide for us, that much smaller are we shrinking with each passing day. How many have the strength to grab onto that last straw which would drag you out of the mess? Not many, for life has been reduced to a game manoeuvred by joysticks.

 Life, unfortunately, takes inspiration from art these days and not vice versa, for long forgotten have we to lead our lives in our own mastered way, long forgotten have we to lend an ear to the rhythm of our hearts, long forgotten have we to live life the simpler way.

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  1. the last three lines say it all.. so true We have fogotten it all.. and in our mad rush to god knows what we trample on everyone and everything ...

    good post something to think about



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