Tuesday, December 4

The Menace Lingers !

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                                           Seven months of service at a government hospital in rural India right after my MBBS graduation doesn’t make me an expert in matters relating to health . Neither should that hold me back from putting across something which demands action and further more, careful planning . Yes , I am talking about the plight of the many HIV positive patients dwelling in the grueling darkness of horror and helplessness across the country . Having been dissected by action panels time and again , the scenario has definitely come out of its veils to brighter response over the years . But still , the same question continues to hang in the air as dubious as ever - ‘ Have we done enough ‘ ?

                                         During my short stint as a medical officer at a government hospital  , I came across a couple of HIV patients who used to frequent the OPD demanding a particular medicine to help them get some sleep at night . The same drug which is normally prescribed at a particular safe dose was in government supply which these patients are very well aware of . Having had the opportunity to talk to one of those patients in my opd one day , I enquired whether he has completed his ART ( Anti Retro Viral Therapy ) . Much to my surprise I realized that he hasn’t taken any treatment at all , though it has been conveyed to him years before that he was retro positive . He told me “ You tell me , will I be cured of this disease forever if I take the treatment ? I wont be , I know. Then why should I even bother ! “ . Try as I might , I failed to evoke any positive response In him towards what he, as a patient should be doing, for the sake of him and the people around him .

                                        Disheartening to know that such dejected minds exist in the silent corners of our country  fighting against the harrowing arrows of  this dreaded disease  all alone . Definitely , actions are being taken at the best of  governments capabilities , atleast close enough, such  that the disease is being curbed . But incidents like these project the gravity of the situation much more to the limelight . Have we done enough ? Then why do people like him still exist in gallows in the nooks and corners of our country ?

Picture source : Google Images
                                        I strongly believe that the cleansing ought to begin from the root levels . Be it unhealthy sexual practices or drug abuse, the problem has burrowed to unimaginable depths . HIV positive mothers give birth to babies unaware of the fact that a lot could be done to save atleast their babies from the clutches of the same disease which has torn their life apart to shreads .  The prime step is to let people realize the fact that contracting the disease isn’t the end of their life . Amongst all the adverse effects , there is one truth that this fast paced generation teaches us – that a lot can be achieved in a days time . When the situation remains so efforts should be directed at creating proper awareness that appropriate Anti retro viral therapy clearly extends the life of  the diseased years forward , given that they dedicate themselves for the same at the earliest .

                                    Its high time that the taboo ruling the society in the name of HIV be destroyed . They deserve a healthier tomorrow just like each one of us . Also its high time we realized that there is little use in waiting for the last hour to make the much needed correction . With the disease having chewed up their cells and gradually their minds too there is practically nothing the doctors can do to revive them back to their normal lives . Prevention , and in this case proper awareness as well , definitely is better than cure .



  1. I was reading psychology the other day and i came across the examples of how unaware people are regarding HIV/AIDS. Some people believed that AIDS spread through lubrication on the condoms, some others believed that it can be cured by having sex with a virgin. To my greatest surprise, some others even believed that it spreads by drinking coca cola.

    It represents how unaware people are in certain parts of the globe, particularly the neglected one.

    Awareness is the key here. But you also need to develop an optimism that we might have a treatment ten years down the lane. o that those inflicted with the virus take care of themselves. Hope is a big thing.

    Great post Maliny. Keep writing dear..

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