Friday, December 25


  There was this girl. Living in a world of fantasies and fairy tale dreams. And there was a time in her life when she found everything perfect. Her life itself seemed heaven. And there was nothing more she could ask of from God but to let it last forever.

 But its life and so also one day the unavoidable happened. And the reality hits harsher ryt on people living a dream for real. She was left with no choice but to fall prey to the cruel hands of fate. She tried to the best and best of her ability to bring her life back to the perfect castle it was. But some how fate was strange. It refused to see the passion burning in her heart. Days she sat silent, staring into the dark not knowing what to do. Weeping through the nights. And it made her hate them. She started fearing the nights which turned synonym for nightmare.And even took drugs to help her sleep. But mornings were even worse. The days seemed to be meaningless. Lustreless. There was nothing but sadness looming ahead each day..

 while a part of her was yearning to break free of the pain in which she was sinking more each day, a part of her was helplessly yielding to it. 
There are two things which help one move forward when struck with a loss. One is the hope that what happened was for the best. And the second is the hope that you deserve what you had and you will get back the same again some time in life. Rarely few are strong enought to accept the first. A few more believe the second one and hold onto their hopes. While even more sink deep in the searing pain and leaving everything in the hands of time to heal it some day. She asked herself what was that she chose ? And the answer was a part of everything. She gets elated at times when she holds onto her hope of things returning back to the same beautiful way. And other times when  her mind gets clouded with the dark shadows of reality she slumps down on her bed crying for hours. And by doing so she got scared realizing she was  torturing her mind making it weaker. But sometimes its almost impossible to move on. 
ultimately the truth shines proudly infront of you. That whether you decided to go down the slope or to rejuvenate your mind, the fact remains that you have lost something important. You can never replace it. She knew that too. And finally she chose upon to let time heal it and to move her life forward holding strong onto God..hoping God would be kind to bless her with happiness some day down her life. 

Its true that fairytales do happen ..but just that  in life its not necessary that they should  always have a happy ending.....

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