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  I guess words are some what inept when it comes to giving meaning to your experiences. Emphasis needs to be given to the ' experience ' part as what i am talking here about happens to be about some of the best days of my life itself ! I feel as though  words suddenly lack the depth and beauty and i am finding it a rather tough job to put in sentences the memories imprinted in my mind. But then its always nice to recollect the good old happy days right !

  I find myself lucky to have ended up in Christ Nagar even though i would have got admission to many other ' we-are-the-best ' labelled ones of that time. And ya, i joined this school only late that is for my 11th and 12th because people somehow had a general notion that for plus two you need to be studying in a CBSE school and no place else ! There is one more reason why my parents choice narrowed down to this one - my younger brother was a proud christ nagarian himself and he was then doing his 10th the time i joined for my plus two. Strictly speaking there are many faces for the influence the school had on me - it showed me what fun really is , it showed me what friends mean to you and to complete  the list- to a lil extent it made me a spoilt brat ! :D

  I still remember the very first day of my school. I got in the school bus along with my brother and once it came to a halt infront of the main building i got down the bus with all the anxieties and expectations of a student on her first day. My brother to my surprise started taking advantage of the situation and offered to leave me at my class which he ofcourse must be knowing more than me.Oh yea, he gets to play my guardian for once ! ;). By the way he wasnt much happy with the idea of me sharing the same school with him. Quite predictable ?! Oh no..its not the way you conclude ! Dont get the wrong impression that my brother was having some ' real naughty / nil studies ' time over there ! Infact the reason happened to be the very other way round. He had a pretty decent reputation among the teachers there which he had earned quite diligently over the years through his hardwork [ ey not being sarcastic or anything ok. He is my dear old bro right. How can i be more kind to him ! ;) ]. And he dint want me to to end up there and make things difficult for him. Now thats some decent way of thinking right ! I cant be that bad ! ;)

Or can i be ?? :D  

 The first day itself there happened to be the school assembly and by the time we were given the cue to line up , i had already made 2 or 3 friends. We even started blabbering this and that and stuffs which form part of the usual 'first conversations'. The one thing which make me chuckle even now is the way we started talking to each other in hushed tones during the assembly. And guess for what - the triggering source was the Headboy of the school ! Lolzz :). And Strange ! i dont remember anything more about that assembly ! Lolzz :D.

 There were just two divisions and we came to know that in addition to the new admission students, there were students in our class who had been in that school since 7th, 8th etc. After a few hours of silence, some how, one or the other succeeded in breaking the ice and we started mingling with them. And they turned out to be an exuberant lot and also extremely friendly and when the interval came one or two of them started feeding us with details of the remaining students, the teachers and the seniors ( there was oly one batch to our dismay ! ) And by the time the school hour came to an end we had made a mental note of the faces and their names. And another thing that set off a serious discussion that day was when someone showed us the Vice captain. I still remember us exclaiming ' oh she is quite glamorous as well. It feels like in a movie ! ( i mean the whole idea of a glamorous head boy and head girl seemed right out of a movie for us then ! ). That day after class, i got in the bus which was kinda chock-a-block ( as days passed i found out that this bus is definitely an inevitable part of my school life there !)The first day went just fine and i had a picture somewhat  of an interesting, neat and disciplined Christ Nagar when my mom threw at me the typical question, ' How did the first day go ? ' And i shouted back, ' just ok' .But something in my mind told me there was more to come the next day,the day after and the days after.... 

 I wonder how i keep these details in my mind even to this day. But its beautiful the way some memories linger in your mind for years. And may be that makes this school and the days here extremely special to me. 

                              ( contd )

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