Thursday, December 24



                                    INTROSPECTION - i had always thought i was good at it. Guess everyone feels the same about themselves ! But i think it gets protracted when there is something which keeps bothering you at the back of your mind trying to bog you down. Otherwise we all are busy indulging our mind in things going on around us not necessary that it should involve us even.
  And it matters a lot how you carry out the process of digging out your mind, if put in a metaphor kinda way. Sometimes you end up shovelling out all the dirt to end up in the most beautiful treasures hidden in the insides of your mind. Whereas sometimes for the worst, you happen to crawl in deeper and deeper into the weaker or even the wackier parts of you. That sounds dangerous right ! Unless you are sensible and mature enough to question that side of you and crush those to nil or atleast suppress them.

   I would like to think that every person has a breakpoint, further to which your mind starts acting peculiar. Either he stops judging himself as worthless or your mind starts yielding to your blows of diffidence to die out forever.  Its somehow pleasant and more rewarding going with the first right ! And in that case, its because you can never torture those minds certifying them as wimps forever. After it had had enough of the ' you dont deserve anything ' s it starts reacting. It starts rising from the ashes because it so so wants to prove that you are wrong. It gets so so determined and to your surprise contours itself to a form which you have never seen before. And thats what unfortunate experiences do to you. Something i have read goes like this - ' anything that doesnt kill you makes you stronger! '. And to people who never stop fighting against the negative silhoutte of their own mind, the transformation for the best definitely finds its way. Even if that means hours of toil or days of wait. Writing down this seems simple ! And to get it acting is nothing but the hardest ! But then its you who need to chose , whether to bring any meaning out of your life or to fill your mind each day with more and more voids of your own creation. 

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