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NOVEMBER 29 - 2009
  something strange happened this blessed day. Atleast its strange for me. Strange in a very positive way. I was in a some what terrible mood that day. I found myself quite indignant. Lamenting about anything and everything happening in my home, yelling at the top of my voice at my mom for asking me to change the channel to asianet for some munch star singer or whatever ! Not able to tolerate the kids sweating out their brows to make an 84 marks impression on the judges, i left the place. But i was all broody and as usual searched for some way to wrench free from the hell i was in. Getting back to my room my eyes fell on some thing path breaking ! I am quite,naa..not just quite but in a very good way addicted to the one and only creator of the masterpiece Alchemist. Hoping his other book would also help me find some nuggets, i got my hands on it and started going through it. And one fact caught my he was telling how in times of adversity you are shown a sign by God to help you get through the situation. Yea for all the atheists out there you might find this absurd. But its my story,my experience and i happen to be an ardent believer of Him. And some how or the other this revelation kinda clicked on my brain. And needless to say i felt a snap of joy in me all of a sudden. 

   Pondering over this but not quite relieved from the doldrums, i went downstairs. My mom had enough of 'swaram' s and 'shruthi' s for the day and had already cleared the place. And i settled infront of the idiot box which gets all the credit for making me lazier over the years ! Anyways i decided to watch some movie and chose on World movies which i watch only if its playing some english ones though they give subtitles for other languages. And they rarely show movies we usually are familiar with. But this time it turned out to be a surprise ! Lo ! There infront of me talking is Tim robbins and Morgan freeman and its ofcourse my most most favourite movie ' The shawshank redemption ' ! And the subtitle the moment the channel came on the screen was.. " They can torture you , but there is something that nobody can destroy ever..and that thing is inside you..and thats HOPE "..I was sitting on my chair my eyes fixed on the screen my mouth open  and staring at those words ! Can you believe it..those were the words i was searching for the whole day..I was wonderstruck like some  arrow of enlightment got through my head of something ! This may sound silly for people who are at present going through a rather pleasant period in their lives. But for me this was the best incident in some time over the past two weeks. And so also i couldnt help but let my heart fill with a certain kind of relief, excitement, astonishment whatever names you call it..And if it hadnt had a positive influence on me i wouldnt have put it down here right. Trust me i happened to have a peaceful time after i got this thought into my head. And you never realize the value of peace of mind unless you lose it ! And so also i said to me 'why wouldnt i believe in something which brings me good ?! ' :) :)..

P.S :  People claim right God exists for those who believe in Him ? May be like that 'out of the blues' and miracles occur for people who keep their eyes and mind open for them..believing..HOPING.. :) :)

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