Tuesday, December 29


1. If its so engraved in your head that you arent worthy of happiness, then alas !, even the universe conspires to create a ' comfortable ' blanket of Hell around you . Its understood that it takes lot of nerves to smile through your shackles. Infact its a must that you should be affected by the challenges. But dont be lavish in setting up an upperlimit to your whining period ! It takes a good many thoughts working to end up in a decision. So better make it something worthy . The choice is whether to give up or whether to keep walking through hell fighting the demons till you are rewarded with a blink of the bridge to heaven .

- Better believe in yourself ! Otherwise even God gets depressed watching your lacklustre story that he, further decides to oust all his negative energy onto you :D . Why wasting those on beautiful minds quite jaunty and ingenious, that they rarely let you down with their biopic right !

2. Try putting on a courageous, never - say - die gesture on your face. I bet you will be confused whether you are hogging the lime light ! Atleast for a brief moment . Courage isnt something thats reserved for a privileged lot. Its within each of us. The onus is left to you whether to yank it out of the attic and  refurbish your mind with the most indelible entity of success - courage to accept your down fall and to rise all upbeat. :)

- Thinking of adorning a vapid expression on your face so as to give meaning to your absolutely vapid mind ? Be satisfied being a pawn all your life !

3. Some people are so adamant, oh ! Thats too humble a word, lets make it obstinate, that they arent generous enough to 'not' make the world hell for you . Instead they put up an attitude and scoff at you . I'm not trying to garnish my thoughts with the big attitude thing when i say You alone is Responsible for your life. Its the ultimate truth !

Moral - Mind your own business. The world itself is running short of feelings, let alone compassion !

4. True, dreaming is the first step towards building your future. But be awake enough lest you should make it your last step as well ! No one is going to shower you with accolades just because you showed the guts to dream . Be ready to take the essential steps to making those a reality. Atleast the efforts are worthy of self satisfaction. And dont turn a fool outta yourself by remaining stagnant . Letting your mind flow with the dream is the lynchpin of closing down the distance between a dream and reality .

5. Have a zillion ideas running through your head ? USE THEM !!

Have a soul bubbling with talents ? USE THEM !!

- Be pragmatic enough to put them to use. And not dorky enough to save them fresh and raw so that you could take them to dust . Do justice to yourself. Be the best of what you are. Chances are rare that anyone can beat you in that ;)

Hesitant ? Lazy ? Pessimist ? Sinking in that ' same old villain ' , inferiority complex ?

Grow up ! Not many are genetically privileged ! Dont you see that you are ahead of others already ? Why leaving the stage halfway when a single more dialogue would have made you the cynosure of eyes , with the world applauding you on a standing ovation !
( Well, that was a metaphor ok :p )

Rejoice in your victories. That gives you the impetus to push harder the next time. And evaluate your failures. That should make you stronger and a better sailor of your life because you already know one way not to sail ! :)

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