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 I was reading this book XYZ  [ guess its wise not to reveal the name as it happens to be a pretty coveted one with the tag of a prestigious award attached to it ! ]  when certain things mentioned in this quite acclaimed book got me thinking .

One thing that start me off wondering most of the times i chose on an Indian author is the way they portray India. I wonder why they are taking this much pleasure in building up a picture about our country in the minds of people who buy their books that India is the most bizarre country they could ever land in ! Sometimes the miseries met with in our land are detailed out even to the minute, subtle facts that i find myself exclaiming - ' Oh ! Am i living in the poorest of the poorest of countries ?! ' Ya, its true that such conditions exist in several parts of our country. And its also true that there always are a good many takers when the stark realities of life are unveiled before them be it books or movies. 

I remember someone telling me one day that the unfortunate times stay in our minds for a longer period than the colourful times. I am not quite sure whether i agree with this. Ok its agreed that the adverse times take a longer period to vanish from our minds but once they are gone we rarely bring them back to our thoughts again. Whereas the pompous times pass by easily but we always find it tempting to bring those times back to our minds with all the joy and smiles it offered.

Ya, coming back, may be these authors aim of touching our heart deep and if possible melt it so that their work lingers in our thought process for a pretty long time ! We read those and come to the already established conclusion that ' India is a pathetic country ! ' and keep on wondering decades after decades whether we are ever gonna get promoted to the royal bunch of the developed ones !


 Its again true that there isnt any dearth of books that highlight the perseverant one India is. And how we are gaining up in all the major fields of science and technology. But just that such books  rarely find readers and they rarely find a way upto the jury level. It would have been a relief if such books got projected to the limelight ! I cant help hoping atleast a few of the affluent lot get inspired and turn sympathetic reading those ' We-are-the-worst ' tagged books and try transform the lives of the suffering mass ! 

And not to mention the ones that paint an exaggerated version of the modern sophisticated India which comes down to a very minor lot ! hey does it have to do anything with the sales value of these indian english books in the international level ? guess so ! well the intricacies and manipulations and the headaches that cycle inside the print circle is alien to me. may be its all part and parcel of the media and pretty much unavoidable. i dont intend to dissect  those anyways. This is just entirely my view and yeah  many have already shown their resentment towards my angle. Though i couldnt help but write this down here atleast to let out my frustration and disagreement on going through the dirty one India is ! [ as the shade painted by the author goes ]

Anyways its the discretion of the authors, their imagination, their purview and also fiction isnt always created with the purpose of bringing about changes in the mindset of people right !


  1. I am not sure which book you are talking about! If it is "India Unbound" by Gurucharan Das, its a masterpiece!

    Well India is very dynamic and huge nation with rich and varied heritage. Extremes exist here yet they they cool beautiful in thier own way!

    In any Hindi movie, generally the sad song sells the most, in short emotional attyachar hits the blockbusters the most! Hence, with same logic you will find more of ugly than the nicer version of India! Nice thoughts :)

  2. One way to earn a booker prize or any international literary awards are to project India as a Third world country beyond redemption and where the characters are weird still earthy, living in unlivable conditions but still surviving - add to it a good dose of poetic words, a dash of karma and philosophies and you are 8 out of 10 times sure to be a winner of literary awards.

  3. Reminds me of The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. The bottomline is that Bad news sells, and that we live in a world of negativity. How many times do we see good news on TV/newspaper etc? Its always people killed, politicians exposed, match fixing scandals, crime, etc.

    Very nice post.. :)

  4. @ karan pretty much what i meant to convey :) thanx :)

  5. @ satwinder singh Bingo !! ;) and thanx :)

  6. @ lakshmi rajan very much true !

  7. Nice and interesting facts, as all the above people commented the bad news's are not digested easily so they are kept to be grounded and grounded again. So naturally they get more media attentions. If you want any proof just watch Arnab Goswami of "Times Now" yelling and shouting his way into the Indian living rooms on the issues of terrorism, scandals etc. On the other hand you can hardly find this guy smiling when he has some good news to say about India :)

  8. I can think of WHITE TIGER and SHANTARAM when I read of this post. While White tiger and Shantaram exposed the brutal underbelly of India, both were so different. While White tiger was content in showing us a distant disturbing scene, shantaram brought that Indianness, strangely written by non-indian, which endears this whole grime dirt and allows us to look at the larger picture.. nice post..keep writing.

  9. Interesting!

    But I recommend you change your color theme or your text colour. It is really unreadable and I had to copy paste your post on a word file and then read it. A wonderful post is ruined cause of the colours, hope you get my point.

    Have a great day :)

  10. @ ankush you have it now :) thanks for the comment :)

  11. Its true that some authors pick one section of the society or a particular life style in one part of India and fabricate that that is the situation in whole of India.But recently I happened to read The hungry Tide by Amitav Gosh and I can clearly see that he has celebrated the sunderbans and Bengal.

    Few authors deviate too and I guess a writer shouldn't be too critical or too optimistic.It ought paint what is really out there.A work of a writer should be like a mirror which reflects what the society really is to itself.

    I did not read the book India Unbound but found something about it,
    and going by that I can see the points that you want to make in this article..

    Good one..Also I would like to suggest you to change the font color if you can coz its difficult to read.I had to highlight the text and read..Guess Light bg and white doesn't go well together.Do consider changing it..

    Keep writing...

    Vishnu MS


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