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Waking up some mornings i find myself in a halo of emotions. Each and every single and silly detail which had annoyed me the previous day come flooding into my mind in a battalion. Funny thing is many of those would already hav been met with a solution as the result of my reasonings and judgements. But even then they make their way back on such peculiar mornings ! Strange :0 . I try to discard them with an air of disdain and is met with success every time to make my thought space empty for the pleasant ones. I love the way such thoughts drive me happy and dandy. And many a times i find myself easily inspired. Even small quotes or even small deeds of others seem to influence me in a quite much positive way. Guess i am lucky that the 1% of success is constantly with me. And if i am right the remaining 99% isnt that easy to be born with ! Anyway each day begins with all its expectations, anxieties and promises.

   We have our college bus which leaves from college at 7.40 and drops us at the hospital. It has always been a wonder for me the way i look forward for the time in bus. I think there are many a reason behind that. Seriously during our second year it was mainly for the fact that there are a pretty good many seniors who get in the bus ! No big deal right ! But later this started gaining less importance because it could never vye with my passion for journeys :p. Well i think i am addicted to the way i feel when i am on the move. I just love the way the wind blows on me and its always interesting to watch how the world wakes up to the new day when you travel early morning..

  I used to be lazy in a hopeless way to go for postings during my 3rd and 4th yrs. And i had kinda anticipated the worst when i got into my final year because every medical student is aware of the general rule that its the toughest part of the course. But on the contrary the postings underwent some sort of transformation this time around ! Some how or the other it turned interesting like never before. And everything comes with a reason !

  My unit happens to be a rather one of a kind one or lets put it feisty and its outstanding for a variety of reasons which only we know of. We are a group of seven with 3 girls and 4 boys. And we happen to have one heck of a time together :) :) One fact which deserves mention is that we are never apprehensive about anything :D . The perfect example to cite is that we hold the credit for being the only batch which made a ' Roaring lion' in our pediatrics dept laugh out loud while he was picking us up one by one with the pointless aim of testing our knowledge ! ( thanx to one exceptionally cool girl in our batch :) ). 

 And we are never bored of the long hours of standing in the wards. Blessings are never ending in the form of e-games ! If last year it was Word craze, during the internment it was Sudoku. And the latest to join the lot is Scrabble ;). We girls and one guy happen to be 'book a holics' and we are always in for anything which clubs words and fun. We all fell head over heels for this new smart way to pass time. Four heads gathered over the phone we shout, we fight , we think, we invent words settling comfortably on the receptive beds which are actually forbidden for us !

  Seriously the time spent in clinics is turning out to be the oasis in this desert ! There happen to be a whole range of topics to chat about..books, movies, songs and anything under the sky  combined with occasional spurts of laughter which are inevitable!  Hey dont get the impression that we are are a bunch of madcaps who happen to be the worst students in this precious medical college ok ! But then studies is just one part of life right. You sure need to take care of the other sides of the coin too !

   And joy is something which sure is contagious. And you better agree to this fact and be a part of it because i strongly believe that most of the memorable incidents in life are born when you are having a good time either with people you love or even with strangers. Just the common factor remains the same. And when that day came to an end i had come to the conclusion that for me one easy way to make my days here worthy is to simply laugh out with my friends and have a great time living ! :)

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