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 Looking back, i feel i didnt take much time to acclimatize to the world of Christ nagar ( its true it stands out as a very special phase of my life..a Beautiful Package of smiles,fun,adventure,friendship...). The environment itself was so serene and the fact that the strength of the class was small brought down the hustle- bustle to some extent.

 Dont be dubious when i say i haven't experienced such a ,what you call Frenzy in a CLASS ROOM like the freaking out by us during our 11th std. The starting 1 or 2 weeks, there was rarely any class. The whole system of teaching and learning was kinda sluggish and the students were rather free birds each finding their niche in a group of three or four and rambling about anything and everything under the sky..from Holly wood to bollywood ! , from Dumbcharades to Flames ! , from celebrity crispy news to local gossips! , from Salman rushdie to Mills and boons !! And to me the whole thing seemed some what stupefying. I mean i had a jet lag for one or two days for the fact that i happened to carry in me about 12 years of some serious academic experience that i gained from my previous school ! And now take a look around the class ! Leave the girls ; the other half are out of their minds ! They are having the fun of their lifetime ! Cracking jokes followed by occasional spurts of ' Ha ha ha s ' , teasing even the meekest of the lot for things they havent the slightest idea about ! , passing comments on the ' oh-so-innocent-looking ' girls making sure they are loud enuf for us to hear ; only to realize that we are even more dignified when it comes to riposte ! Lol ! Twas fun those moments :) :)

{ all this add on fun inside the classroom was just for 1 or 2 wks. After that the studies started on full fledge about which i have, to be frank nothing to recall ! Its quite natural for any person to erase from memories attached to the excellent but boring lecture classes ryt ! Pardon me :D }

 Didnt i tell you that this wonder institution holds the credit for bringing out the brat in me ? Well it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of education there ok. Just take it in a positive sense.
     There was this small paradise standing alone at one corner.. Yeah The Canteen :). I never used to take my lunch to school those 2 years. Seriously, why do i have to take the trouble to pack my food and carry it all the way to school to find it all cold and unwelcoming by noon, when i have hot, yummy over the counter 'delicacies' waiting for me just when we start to get hunger pangs ! But i was kinda addicted too much to those and so also i never bothered to have my lunch when i got back home by 2. And that according to my mom was an unpardonable crime and i was targetted for the same relentlessly !

  My brother spying on me found out another one of my new habits. The hours of blah blah ing over the phone ! I was in love with the phone literally ! Even after being in school for 5 or 6 hrs and dissecting each incident going on in our group, class, canteen and bus , we used to carry out quite a blather over the phone as well. Starting from ' oh so you think he has a crush on her?' to ' what do you think was going on in her mind when she did that !' the worries were plenty. See the woes of an adolescent mind ! But according to my brother it was just ' sense less conversations' and a perfect way to get me some nice scolding from my parents. How i used to fight with him for leaking the same to them ! :x :x Lol :)

When i think back i dont remember a dull day . Something or the other used to turn out to make the day bright and lively. And the friends i had there used to make my day ! It was for the first time in my life i was hanging out with a bunch of friends who rarely gave me a dull moment. And many of them in one way or the other have touched my life and i still remember them for all the love and care they offered me :). But then sometimes life takes some strange twists and turns and in the haste and hustle we lose many of the close ones. And we stand watching helplessly letting them go in the end. How i wish i had taken atleast some effort on my part to keep them near to me. Ya may be such things just happen....... 

[ i forgot to mention our dear principal and teachers and many other things :(  ]. Its time ;) :)

[ contd... ]

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  1. Every day in christ nagar was a thrill..none of us had real friends...yet we all managed to make an eternity of memories in those 2 years ..I hate my school...i love it..Like a dear boyfriend who cheated...good job!


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