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The first day of the week and undoubtedly the most sought after one because of the very fact that it comes with the tempting label with it – ‘ YOU CAN TRUST ME ; I AM GONNA BE A HOLIDAY WHATEVER HAPPENS ! ‘.

Well that should make it the most pampered one too right ;) . For some, its that FUNDAY when they get to unleash all the stress they had managed to stuff inside their mind over the week , and with no space for any doubt ,even the soul would only be relieved and for good ! Whereas for certain others who are fortunate to have had an entertaining week, this day happens in every means to be the best bet because it promises ample time to calm you down. Relaaxx. . You will need it especially after the Saturday ‘ after work ‘ celebrations .
[ hey its not just the party maniacs ok . people like me who happen to be stuck in some sorta desert also readily engage in the 'Saturday-means' tomorrow Sunday frenzy ! ] And for still other lot ( a minor lot I feel ) it symbolizes that sad day before Monday. Guess this single day holds a range of meanings varied for different people !

By the way I had thought of sharing some tit bits attached to the word Sunday in my mind. Pardon me if quite incongruent facts creep in between the same. Restraining the flow of my thoughts seem to be a pretty tough job in itself ! In my opinion, its always better when you sit down to write, to pass the reins to your mind rather than trying to command them to pour out thoughts the way you desire. And for that fact I am now all game for wielding my pen to bridge the short distance between my mind and this space . about the day called SUNDAY !

For me, SUNDAY has always been a pleasant day. The one leisurely day of the week when I am left to myself in my world, waking up finding my brain in all smiles for the simple fact that its relieved of all those burdens of a hectic school day ahead. Even though the meaning of this day has changed shades over the years and my life’s course saw both expected changes and vagaries, this day is always that peaceful holiday for me.

Let me start it with an account of a peppy conversation I had with my friend during my gynaec posting. It started off over our breakfast and with us two coming together , the topics are always galore.That comes without saying because I feel when you share a conversation with some one whose opinions, likes and dislikes strike a frequency almost same as yours , there is rarely a bleak moment .
What ignited the chat is her quite casual remark ‘ oh life is boring these days ‘. And leaving no space for a pause I blurted out ‘ same with me ! ‘. Well if you intend to reason the veracity of the statement , you are gonna find out that the days aren’t that dull after all !. The implicit meaning of the statement is that the days are almost the same now a days ; the same boring schedule of monotonous classes, the compulsory few ( or more :d ) hours of sleep after food and the right on the strike of the time eating habits ! There sure is less excitement !. But its also true when I say my friends never let me down when it comes to fun , esp if they happen to be an unpredictable bratty lot !. Just that the days seem kinda lackluster ones, they are bereft of the vibrancy I used to experience during my pre college days. .
May be I should blame me itself for that. For not being among the creamy layer as they very proudly name them, which would have put me into the Trivandrum medicos bunch rather the tdmc family !. And those days I was under the guidance of my parents, ever lenient and easy when it comes to attempts of coaxing :p, and not governed by a list of ‘ never gonna budge ‘ ( so they say ! ) rules of the hostel ! . How I wish I could come back home to the welcoming faces of my parents every evenin :(

See I told no I would divert !. ;).

So Sunday… yes Sundays were full on fun days. I was never a lazy bone those days especially on Sundays. On the contrary I was in all way upbeat and kicking :D. I should say that’s because of a particular theory I had going through my mind those days ; like Sunday is with no doubt a precious day. And so also why would I waste any minute of the day ?! and its only gonna get even more foolish right if I lazied under my blanket when there were lots of exciting things waiting for me. Thus goes my concept about Sunday .
I would be up and on the run by about 7.30. One cute little detail about our Sundays was that ( I bet you will be laughing it out when you hear it :P ) it was the only day of the week when we got lucky to have chappathi for breakfast :P. I mean according to my mom its one heck of a job struggling with the flour that she refuse to cook the same during the week days . ( yea the woes of a working mom ;) ).
So that’s one extrememly rewarding thing to look forward to as far as my taste buds are concerned :P :)

And as the day moves forward , the fun is on the roll starting with early morning RANGOLI and MAHABHARATHA. For those of you who must be remembering those days DOORDARSHAN used to be the only means to satisfy the satiety of our minds yearning for some form of entertainment which could be savoured simply by relaxing on our couch ! And needless to say anything they telecast was kinda visual treats for us ! And as a relief to us kids there were these cartoons like DENVER, JUNGLE BOOK, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and a few more which became instant hits with us..Its beautiful to hark back the way these used to adorn our Sundays .  

We were never restrained from taking a walk to our neighbours house, eating something or the other from the kitchen, sharing a word or two with the uncle and aunty there, and the visits which usually came to an end by us dragging the kids there out of their homes to the street outside to play hide and seek or chess or scrabble ,embarking on our assets - 'our cycles' and going for a ride on our streets or even a crazy video game with much brouhaha over it that our parents used to lament about the naughty us when they meet up for their usual exchange of news, complaints about us and at work matters :p.
My mom used to make it clear, who was at the helm even on a Sunday by her occasional reminders to complete the home work or to run errands for her. Ofcourse its to be added that she did those expecting nil response from me in return as most of the times I used to snooze those commands without a tad of regret only to hear her making a fuss of it by finishing her sentence with the typical remark about me ‘ she should have been born as a boy ! ‘.
( I guess this is a ‘given- praise’ heard loud in families blessed with a naughty girl child ! ) 

And one thing which darken Sundays Is the pang of laziness and gloominess that used to bog me down when it nears dark . AAH ! the famous Monday blues ! . How I used to hate those horrible Mondays just the thought of which used to take away all the fun from Sunday evenings. Even now after all these years the feeling remains the same. I still get a startle when my mind starts to think into the future, the first hurdle to be cleared happening to be the ‘ Monday’ itself !!

And these days , because of the fact that I stay in aleppey , that implying I am staying away away from home , I am sort of excused from the chores I am expected of when I get back home and its like every holiday I am home is more or less a Sunday for me . I miss hostel at times though, but freaking out with your friends is one thing and cuddling onto your moms lap and sharing a sweet family talk with your parents is entirely another right ! its truly irreplaceable the bliss those moments grant you. How I wish I was a day scholar ! [ ofcourse with my college here in Trivandrum and not with, my family in aleppey ! ].
And I still get reminiscent about those childhood Sundays which I always used to look forward to for the very reason that its that day of the week when I was allowed to break free of the time table, helping myself with all the privileges of a kid . And the home coming times now are nevertheless enticing with the days at home unhesitatingly donning the spirit of a Sunday for me so as to let me relish all the fun I had missed when I was away from home. 

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